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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Col. Bill's:__SAGA__Norse Gael army for sale

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"Just spent a pleasurable day sorting through some of the back log of painted figures tha should have been up for sale on our shop some time ago and, what with one thing an another have been pushed to one side. These include some Wars of the Roses infantry and artillery, plus lots of ww2 units - German , US, and British. However the pick of the items is a Norse Gael Saga army painted by Dave Meller. These are plastic figures and the army comes complete with dice, measuring sticks and a carrying case. Dave hand paints his shield designs and this makes the dark age figures that he produces totally unique. Please check them out on our shop. Until then here's a little taster...."
Information from the webstore: (where there's more photos to view)

"28mm Norse Aael Saga Army consisting of 12 x levy with spear, 24 x Warriors with double handed axes, 8 x Hearthguard with double handed axes, 1 x Warlord on diorama  base with musician and dog, 1 x Warrior Priest on diorama base with dogs, 1 x Bard. All the warriors and Hearthguard have been converted to hold double handed axes where appropriate, and all have hand painted shieldsThese figures are Gripping Beast plastic figures that have been painted to a very good wargames standeard by Dave Meller. They are being sold complete with a  Figures in Comfort carrying case that also includes the measuring sticks and the Viking SAGA dice - its not often we have a chance to sell such a fantastic item!!!"

Norse Gael Saga Army in Carrying Case


LINK to the item on the webstore

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