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Wargames Club [2016]

Club Night #1 (26th August 2016)

Attendance: 6
Games: 1
* War of the Roses in 6mm (multiplayer, Hail Caesar)
Yorkists to the Left of the photos, Lancastrians to the Right
The Yorkist Left begins to advance forward
The Yorkist Centre and Right
The Lancastrians await their first turn
The Yorkist Left smashes into melee, while the Centre comes under volleys of arrow fire from
their Lancastrian counter-parts
The Yorkist Left is beyond their enemy's front lines, and having succeeded in melee they're ready to attempt a turning of the Lancastrian army's flank
The Yorkist Right, secure in the knowledge that the Centre units will act to secure their flank, 
is about to push forward to meet their enemy in melee
Two shots of the (nearest to camera) end of the battlefield - Yorkists closest to camera
And they're in! Pushing back the extreme flank of the Lancastrian army,
the Yorkists follow them up.
Elsewhere, now the Yorkist Left has control of their end of the battlefield, the Yorkist Centre surges forward and forces the Lancastrians standing against them to flee from the field - Leaving the way open to sack the Lancastrian baggage camp ... If only I'd not failed my command roll and had been able to move my troops! 
The End. The Yorkists control the centre of the field. Only token Lancastrian resistance is to be had on the Yorkist's left flank. And now the Yorkist Right has encircled the last enemy units on their side of the battlefield, swiftly causing them to rout. Victory to the Yorkists.

##It needs to be said that my role of (successful) command of the Yorkist Centre was more down to good luck than great generalship. Getting those poor dice rolls out of the way early on always helps, when it came to melee my dice rolling was good.


Club Night #2 (9th September 2016)

Attendance: 6 (though this included two different players than last time)
Games: 3
* 6mm Persian vs Greeks (Hail Caesar)
* 15mm WW2 (Flames of War)
* 1/600 ACW Naval (Smoke on the Water)

6mm Ancients
15mm WW2

I don't know what's worse for the WW2 British player; the threat of German armour, or having me in the background of his vision? (Probably me, especially if I forget to talk quietly!)
 1/600 ACW Naval
You can read a brief report about the ACW game, with pictures, here
LINK to ACW Naval game


Club Meet #3 (25th September 2016)

Disaster! The venue was double-booked and we lost out. One game was held at a member's house.

Attendance: 6 (well, 6 turned up at the village hall, but only 5 played in the game - I went home as I hadn't slept much the night before)

Games: 1
* 15mm Impetus (Crusades)


No Club Meet, as affected by local Shildon show - Dave Docherty ran his The Sands of the Sudan game

LINK to the game report. (plenty of photos)


Club Meet #4 (6th November)

New Venue: Scruton Village Hall, between Leeming Bar and Northallerton

I wasn't able to attend.

Games: 2
* 28mm (To the Strongest!) Ancients (preparation for demo game for upcoming Stockton show).
* 15mm WW2 (FoW)

Check out this LINK to view James's report of the club night


Demo game at Battleground Wargames Show (November 26th, 2016)

John and Pete staged a 28mm Ancients game, using To the Strongest! rules


Club Meet #5 (2nd December)
Attendance: 5
Games: 2
* 6mm TtS!
* 28mm SAGA

LINK to the blog post with pic's and info


Club Meet #6 (30th December)
Attendace: 7 (including two chaps who'd previously not attended a group meet)
Games: 5 (including one, large multi-player in the morning)


TBC. But next all-day event is in February

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