This Blog displays messages that Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot posts upon it's Facebook Page, and will sometimes feature other snippets of information as and when received.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all miniatures featured on this blog were not painted by me (Roy Williamson).

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Agema Publications:

Swashbuckler -

Turn 1 - Very first turn, and explanation of game. My rpg character is at York, England.

Turn 2 - My chap has arrived at London, England.

Turn 3 - My chap is still at London, pursuing leads.

Turn 4 - A meeting with several members of the Royal Society, London, England

Turn 5 - In which I provide a full list of equipage and men needed for the expedition to Greenland.

Turn 6 - London, England. Christmas 1706. A visit to a pawnbroker.

Turn 7 - Still at London, still pursuing money to invest in trade. Hope arrives in patronage.

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