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Unless specifically stated otherwise, all miniatures featured on this blog were not painted by me (Roy Williamson).

Wargames Club [2017]

The Old Guard Wargames Club
- a group of individuals who meet up semi-regularly at Scruton Village Hall (near Northallerton, North Yorkshire) to play historical table top wargames. Fantasy and Sci-Fi, plus board games are also played by members but have yet to make an appearance at a club session.

February 12th:
In attendance: 8
Games: 3(ish)
- a large game of 28mm Sudan using Black Powder
- two smaller 'learning' games of 28mm Impetus (Ancients) & 15mm Battlegroup WW2 in the 2hrs left of the session (the big game ran a little longer than was expected).

[LINK] to February 12th blog post

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