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Unless specifically stated otherwise, all miniatures featured on this blog were not painted by me (Roy Williamson).

28mm Ancients [WIP]

Ancient Germans

Based on 60mm frontage x 50mm depth bases for the warrior units, and 60mm frontage x 30mm depth for the skirmishing units. Heroes are based individually for To the Strongest! rules.

This isn't a stand-alone army, merely a small collection which I can take along to multiplayer games and contribute something. Units have been designed so they can be alternated between 2 bases, 4 bases, or 6 bases in size, so allowing use against various other gamers and their favoured rules system.

Warrior Band A - Attached General / Black and Red shields / Blue Warpaint - diagonal lines to face

Warrior Band B - White Horse banner / Red and White shields / Black warpaint

Warrior Band C - to be confirmed. just a pile of figures at present.

Light Infantry - Javelins / Black warpaint

Light Infantry - Bows / tbc

Camp - Bovine Beasts (I had two spare cows. These will probably just feature as table decoration.)

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