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ACW 1/600 Naval Page

American Civil War 1/600 Naval Page

I've a number of these models, by Peter Pig, which I'll add to this page as and when they're completed.

So far I have completed;

Union Navy


USS Monitor - monitor

USS Nahant - improved monitor, Passaic-class

USS Weehawken - improved monitor, Passaic-class

Ironclad Gunboats

USS Indianola - river gunboat

USS Louisville - City-class gunboat
USS Cincinnati - City-class gunboat

Confederate Navy


CSS Merrimack-Virginia

CSS Chicora (Palmetto State model)

Wooden Vessels

Blockade Runner (Advance model)


CSS Chicora           (my own stat's for Smoke on the Water)
Config: Casemate
HDP: 26
SDP: 10
Size: Small
Targetting Size: B / D
Flotation Points: 7
Draught: Medium
Speed: Medium
Manoeuvrability: Good
Casemate -
Bow: Heavy
B/S: Heavy
Stern: Heavy
Hull -
Bow: Light
B/S: Light
Stern: Light
Deck: Unarmoured
Pilot House: Heavy
Stack: Unarmoured
Rudder: Light
2x 9" smoothbores = Medium - Armoured-Pivot - Fore / Aft
4x 6" rifled = Light - Fixed - Midships - Port / Starboard
- Medium Spar Torpedo
- Ram

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