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7YW - Anglo-Hanoverian

All figures are Freikorp15 (15mm) - Honours of War (rules)

Force chosen from the oob belonging the Battle of Minden, 1st August 1759.

This is a WIP project, started late September 2016.


Lieutenant-General von Spörcken's column

Commander-in-chief: Lieutenant-General August Friedrich von Spörcken

first line: Major-General Waldegrave's brigade
12th Foot (Napier's - 1 bn)
37th Foot (Stewart's - 1 bn)
23rd Foot (Royal Welsh Fusiliers, under Huske - 1 bn)
Hanoverian Foot Guards (2 bns)
- British Light Artillery Brigade (9 pieces) under Captain MacBean

second line: Major-General Kingsley's Brigade
20th Foot (Kingsley's - 1 bn)
51st Foot (Brudenell's - 1 bn)
25th Foot (Home's - 1 bn)
Hardenberg's Hanoverian battalion (1 bn)


Cavalry under Lieutenant-General Marquis of Granby

Colonel Elliot's Brigade
British 3rd (Howard's) Dragoon Guards (2 sqns)
British 10th (Mordaunt's) Dragoons (2 sqns)
British 2nd (Royal North British) Dragoons (2 sqns) (also known as Scots Greys)
Hanoverian Bremer Cavalry (2 sqns)
Hanoverian Veltheim Cavalry (2 sqns)

"...When the Seven Years' War broke out Spörcken was part of the Army of Observation established to defend Hanover and its neighbours from the French. Following the Battle of Hastenbeck the Army retreated and was eventually forced to conclude the Convention of Klosterzeven taking Hanover out of the war. This soon came under fierce attack in Britain and Prussia, with Frederick II of Prussia suggesting that the army should be reformed under the control of Spörcken."

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