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Faustus Furius Chariots [WIP]

Ancient Chariot Racing. A game meant for a club meeting or maybe even a small show.

28mm in scale. Not exactly historically accurate!

The Race Track

Made in the joiner's shop out of plywood and timbers. PVA glue and sand applied to the 'track', and painted in emulsion paint tester pots.
The Race Track has been designed, and made, to be taken apart and stored as two pieces. This also allows for a 'middle' extension to be fitted and the whole race track lengthened, as and when required.

Chariot A: Celtic Agile Chariot

- Colonel Bills crew and horses (though passenger figure is converted to hold a second spear)
- 4Ground Celt Chariot (converted to feature a swingletree), base comes in the same pack.
- Baueda 28mm resin jars (to hold olive oil and use as a dirty trick: Oil Spill!)

Chariot B: Celtic Archer Chariot

- Colonel Bills crew & horses (though passenger figure is converted to hold a bow, & horse's now have cloth cover over backs to show team colours)
- 4Ground Celt Chariot (which Colonel Bills sell), base comes in the same pack.

Chariot C: Celtic         Chariot


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First post; and introduction and WIP of 1st chariot and track

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