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10mm ACW - TOGWG 2017 Project

The Old Guard Wargames Group's 2017 Project - 10mm ACW (using Pendraken Miniature's kit)

Everything needs a starting point, and this is mine. I'm going to adapt the St.Ulrich scenario from the Honours of War (7YW) rules book to my need. The smaller Confederate force will be representing Red Force in the scenario. To help me plan out my workload I have created this diagram showing what I need to paint, and in what numbers.


This is the full Order Of Battle that I'm hoping to collect for the Confederate 'Rebels'. They will possibly see use alongside other player's CSA forces, so I'm able to concentrate on a smaller force initially. A Union force will be collected in the future.

- Brigadier General George H. Steuart 
Nickname: "Maryland Steuart"

- 1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment
- 3rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment
[see below for details]
- 2nd Maryland Infantry, CSA,_CSA
10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment
-  21st Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment; Company B being known as the Maryland Guard and recruited among Southern sympathizers in the border state.
WIP Photos
- 47th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment; Company H being the absorbed Zarvona's Zouaves from Maryland

3rd Maryland Artillery, CSA
a.k.a. Ritter's Battery

Independent Cavalry Command

- Brigadier General John D. Imboden

7th Virginia Cavalry
Two companies contained men from the border counties of Maryland.

62nd Virginia Mounted Infantry (pre-September 1862, known as "1st Regiment Virginia Partisan Rangers").

2nd Maryland Cavalry, CSA (pre- mid-1863, known as "The Band")
Several companies, mostly of volunteer Marylanders, who conducted guerrilla-type operations.
How I'll represent them is to create a 'Small Size' unit of cavalry for Black Powder rules, that can operate independently.

Also to include:
- supply wagon, to add tabletop fluff or to act as troop resupply point
- wooden barricades, defensive positions in scenarios
- ambulance and stretchers and wounded, being diorama fluff for the tabletop


Future Plan of Action:
I will adapt a scenario published in a past edition of Wargames Illustrated magazine - The Battle of Raymond - to fit my need. Altering the CSA oob to work with what I will be collecting.


Commander: Brig. Gen. George H. Steuart

1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment - 550 men

3rd North Carolina Infantry Regiment - 427 men

2nd Maryland Infantry, CSA - 427 men

10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 427 men

21st Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 328 men

47th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 306 men

- Artillery:
3rd Maryland Artillery, CSA [2 models]


NC 3rd Infantry Regiment

The North Carolina 3rd Infantry Regiment State Troops completed its organisation at Garysburg, North Carolina, in May, 1861. The men were from Wilmington and the counties of Green, Duplin, Cumberland, Onslow, Bladen, New Hanover, and Beaufort. During July part of the regiment moved to Richmond, Virginia, then was joined by the remaining companies some weeks later. After serving in the Department of Northern Virginia and the Department of North Carolina, it was attached to General Ripley's, Colston's, Steuart's, and Cox's Brigade. The 3rd fought on many battlefields of the army from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor , marched with Early to the Shenandoah Valley, and saw action around Appomattox . It reported 46 casualties at Beaver Dam Creek , 80 at Malvern Hill , 253 at Sharpsburg , 3 at Fredericksburg , and 179 at Chancellorsville . The unit lost 4 killed and 10 wounded at Second Winchester , forty percent of the 548 engaged at Gettysburg , and 7 killed and 65 wounded during the Mine Run Campaign. It surrendered with 4 officers and 53 men in April, 1865.

Colonels William L. DeRosset, Gaston Meares, and Stephen D. Thruston; Lieutenant Colonels Robert H. Cowan, William M. Parsley, and Edward Savage; and Major William T. Ennett.

attached to General Ripley's, Colston's, Steuart's, and Cox's Brigade.


The National Archives Index contains the names of 3 men designated at the NC 3rd Infantry Regiment State Troops. These names probably belong with the NC 3rd Infantry Regiment.

Best, H.
Hunter, J.N.
Penry, T. S.

Company A - Greene County

Company B - Duplin County

Company C - Cumberland County

Company D - New Hanover County

Company E - Onslow County

Company F - New Hanover County

Company G - Onslow County

Company H - Bladen County

Company I - Beaufort County

Company K - New Hanover County


If required to play Regimental Fire & Fury I will use bases as such:

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