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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Painted Units At Col. Bills - Naps. Ancients. Victorians

Fair enough, bit late I know, but I no longer 'do' Facebook, so only spotted these while sorting something out on a TMP advert. Apologies.

Stu has put this up on Facebook:
""Couple of very nicely painted Napoleonic units newly uploaded for sale on our online shop: a 24 figure, Front Rank Miniatures, Highlanders unit, painted by Gareth Beamish as the 42nd Foot, or Black Watch. Top quality paint job on this unit. The other is a 20 figure Dutch Jagers unit from the 1815 period, skirmishing. These are Eagle Figures items and have been painted to a good wargames standard by an unknown artist.""

""Scottie and I had the pleasure of bumping into Andy Osborne at Phalanx, St Helens last saturday. Andy is a painter who we rate very highly and, as usual, he had brought along some painted goodies for us. We have just managed to get the first batch uploaded onto our online store. These are BZ180619 Macedonian Companion Cavalry, 9 figure unit  - Warlord Games metal figures; GZ1806191 Napoleonic British Light Dragoons, 12 figure unit  - Foundry figures; and HZ1806191 British Zulu War Infantry, 16 figure unit - Black Tree Design figures. More of Andys delights later this week....time allowing!!!""

Since I don't want to be accused of cookie violations, if anyone would like to know (or see) more on any of these items then please visit the Used Painted Items section of Colonel Bills.

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