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Thursday, 12 April 2018

New Belt Fed Girls Available To Buy

Quoted from Col. Bill's Facebook:

""New Belt Fed Girls released in time for Salute. BFG41 is Constanzi, Katerina & Elena - Vampire Sisters of the Moon; BFG42 is Sheena Ramone - a punk rocker; BFG43 is The Late Madison, Brandi & Piper - Zombie Cheerleaders; BFG44 is Lucy Fir - a Little Devil. Don't forget to pre order for collection at a show and get your 10% discount!!""
 BFG41 is Constanzi, Katerina & Elena - Vampire Sisters of the Moon
BFG42 is Sheena Ramone - a punk rocker
BFG43 is The Late Madison, Brandi & Piper - Zombie Cheerleaders
 BFG44 is Lucy Fir - a Little Devil



  1. Fantastic, love the determined Vampire Sisters!

  2. And there was me thinking I didn't NEED any more vampires for Witchfinder General - it looks like I'll have to re-write the script! ;-)

  3. You've done a super job on these Roy.

  4. Well the Vampires are certainly on the to buy list sometime but the punk girl is my favourite and I like your paint job on her the best of a very good lot.
    well done Roy.

  5. Those Vampires are simply lovely (if that's the right word for vampires!), I don't have a use for them at the moment but they are definitely on the to buy list at some point, smashing painting all round too Roy (with a special not for the tartan skirt, always a pain to do!!).

    Cheers Roger.

  6. Thank you for the kind comments and interest.

    Unfortunately I can't taken any credit here - the artist known as Dogman deserves the plaudits in this instance.

  7. Ahh it begins to make sense now! I went out with a girl called Constanza! Explains a lot!

    While I do not need these that has little bearing on if I buy them! Deffo a pre order for the Broadside show a bit closer to the time.

  8. A wonderful set of figures that have gone high on my "to buy" list.

  9. One thing I will point out about the zombies. To me, they're more re-animated-corpses-style zombies than the current trend of freshly turned walking dead.

    There's a lot of sewn up wounds, and one has, to my mind, neck-bolts a la Frankenstein's Monster. Technically still zombies, but possibly not what a lot of buyers would be expecting the sculpts to be considering the current fashion with the living dead.

    They're definitely not freshly turned undead. If that's any help to people. Think more along the lines of a evil doctor bringing back to 'life' three cheerleaders, after reattaching severed limbs and stapling up wounds.


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