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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Belt Fed Girls Available Now

The latest Belt Fed Miniatures are now available to buy from Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot.

The photos can be enlarged by clicking on them, and the LINKS beneath each figure's details will take you to the relevant page on the Web-store where the item can be bought. 
These are also available at the shows Colonel Bills attend, via telephone or orders made through email/ordinary mail.

- I didn't paint the miniatures, in case anyone wishes to offer me praise. It would be unfair of me to accept any feedback since I was not the artist. 
Rambo Lynne - Vietnam Vet
Product no.: BFG28
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Gwendoline - Dark Age Welsh Princess
Product no.: BFG29
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Holly Roger - Spanish Main Buccaneer
Product no.: BFG30
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Morag, Una & Fiona - Three Gaelic Witches
Product no.: BFG31
Buy the unpainted models HERE
 Anais - Hussard de la Mort
Product no.: BFG32
Buy the unpainted model HERE

Cheers for looking.