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Thursday, 28 December 2017

Santa Clause Blogger Event 2017

I took part in the "Santa Clause" 2017 Blogger event, this year, and received this painted miniature as my gift.

Now I've no idea what it is, nor the manufacturer ... But it is blooming well cool!

Thank you very much, to the person who gifted me this brilliant little figure and paint job. Nice one!
For those wondering why I've not, also, mentioned what I received from the Secret Santa Blogger event, that I ran while the regular owners took time off, the honest answer is that I didn't take part.

There was an equal number of participants, eventually, so I simply removed my name from the hat to allow things to run smoothly. As far as I am aware the Secret Santa that I ran did so without issue or error, but if I am in the wrong then please contact me asap so we can try to sort out the issue.

Cheers ,


  1. I can't help you with who she is, or the manufacturer - nor the artist that's painted her so well. All I CAN do, is wholeheartedly concur with you that she's "blooming well cool"!!! :-)

  2. Cracking mini! I think it's the Infinity Joan of Arc.

    1. @Edwin King: Thanks for info. Looks like its one of the Joan of Arc mini's, definitely it is Infinity.

      Never really looked at this game before, and there is some really nice miniatures.

  3. That is one gorgeous looking figure. I'd be so proud to own her, so I can well imagine how happy you must be, Roy.

  4. What a cracking gift... Merry Christmas Roy.

  5. Nice gift. Good to hear that the Secret Santa went without a hitch.

  6. Very cool figure and excellent paint job.

  7. An excellent looking figure Roy. I can see why you're pleased!

  8. thats very good... and yes my S/S SEEMED TO GO OK

  9. Great mini and an excellent paint-job

  10. Lovely figure. No idea who the painter or manufacture is. But it is a cracking figure and VERY well painted.

  11. Yes, cracking model and paint job.

    Its a Corvus Belli miniature, from the Sci-Fi game Infinity (I've just found out, after a quick google search using Edwin's info.)


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