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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

SALE on 4Ground MDF: 15% off at Col. Bills

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""Another winter sale announced on our online shop. This time its 4Ground MDF products. Again 15% off online sales by using coupon code Winter4G17/18 This sale will last until midnight on sunday 21st January. In addition all our remaining stock in the 28mm Jessari Sci Fi and the Twin Peaks Homeland Apocolypse ranges have been permanently reduced until we run out of current stock.""



  1. Replies
    1. @Zabadak: Yes, that's the noise I made when I spotted this advert on Facebook and thought to myself 'If I'd have known there was to be another advert to do on TMP, I could have combined the two!'

  2. That is an offer that is too good to pass by. I have just ordered three Wild West buildings that I've been after a while.
    Expect another order after Christmas!

    1. @Bryan Scott: Great to hear that this has been of use to you Bryan. Thanks for letting me know, its really appreciated.

    2. And they have just arrived today, two days after placing my order. That is incredible service! Please pass on my deep appreciation to Col. Bill.

    3. @Bryan Scott: Thanks for letting us know, Bryan.

      I knew Stu was posting them the next day, as I'd spoken to him on the day you ordered, so its great to hear that they arrived okay. I will pass on your kind words to Stuart.

  3. Oh, now is the time to complete some terrain :)

    1. @Michał Kucharski: Yes, definitely.

      Even I have my eye on one or two items to complete some old projects.


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