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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Preview - Belt Fed Girls Xmas Figures!

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""A quick sneak preview of Mary Christmas, Holly & Ivy. These are the festive season release of the Belt Fed Girls. They show Mary Christmas, a female Santa, with 2 x elves, Holly & Ivy. All being well they will be available by 1st November. In the meantime please enjoy the pic.....""

[Roy: Ah, I forgot these were in the pipeline when I took on Secret Santa - I'm just a helper, so don't know all the ins-and-outs and whats-in-the-pipeline-unless-told-me-by-Stu, so I do apologise if anyone thinks it more than a coincidence that I offered to run Secret Santa and then these figures turn up.]


  1. Oh, my, I do like these a lot. :-)

  2. Xmas will be hot, this climate change still has advantages ...Great job!

  3. I've already given a friend of mine the heads up for these and he loves them. Me on the other hand...

  4. Great figures but not at this stage for me.

  5. Thanks all.

    Yes, I agree, far too early to be doing Xmas stuff - These blogging things I'm doing of late are really making me look the hypocrite!

    Stu told me to also mention these - though no pictures, yet:

    BFG38 Kiki Blinder - 1920's Lewis Gunner - very suitable for VBCW etc -£3.00

    BFG39 Rosella, Kezia & Charity - Gypsy Dancing Girls - suitable for any period 1400 onwards - £8.50

    BFG40 Mary Christmas, Holly & Ivy - Female Santa plus two elves - £8.50


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