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Monday, 11 September 2017

Figures for Star Trek #3. (part 2)

Just a quick post to (blow my own trumpet - because if I don't, nobody else will!) show the finished conversion I've done on a Crooked Dice ARC astronaut.
Nothing major done in the way of alterations, but I've tried to show the Star Trek Enterprise EV spacesuit design (it isn't exact, as I was working from memory and rough line drawing) and the Phaser pistol used in the show. It was also the first time I'd ever attempted to sculpt a full hand (previously I'd only ever done repair work to damaged fingers) - I have to admit that it was tricky and my first attempt isn't 100% correct, but is serviceable for my needs.
Anyway, that's Lieutenant Kiona Thayer [Senior Tactical Officer, NX-02] now ready for painting.

In time I may convert a couple of other - though male - astronaut figures as Starfleet personnel. I suppose it'll look best if they match the uniform of spacesuit already shown, as opposed to the regulation jumpsuit worn while on duty [which I'm struggling to find a figure suitable to convert].

Hopefully this figure will be painted within the next couple of days.



  1. Your conversion has come out really well. I like her a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing her painted up.

  2. Very jealous you can use the green stuff so well.

  3. Fantastic work Roy ! I'm looking forward to the painted version & the klingon of course !

  4. Thanks all.

    Sculpting. Two things I've learnt recently. 1) use the correct tools - I bought for myself the 4Ground sculpting tools, they're not a comprehensive set, but they really do make it easier than just having the one shaper and a craft knife. 2) only mix small amounts of greenstuff, a small amount goes a very long way and you only ever require small amounts when converting - also, let the greenstuff sit for a while on the figure after moulding it into the rough shape, as the putty becomes more malleable and elastic after, say, half an hour after mixing.

  5. Not a trek fan, but am admiring the figures.


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