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Monday, 7 August 2017

'ersatz M10' Panther tank for Late War Germans

At some point, but I've no idea when, I'll get around to my 10mm Blitzkrieg Commander 1944 Germans for Operation Greif. I envision it being more of a tagged-on force of disguised tanks, captured American vehicles and German military personnel masquerading in US Army uniforms, to a more traditional Late War German formation. 

Anyway, I wanted an 'ersatz M10' Panther (a Panzer V 'Panther' disguised to look, somewhat, like an American M10 tank destroyer) for the force, but Pendraken Miniatures don't produce such a model. So I had to learn how to make my own using green stuff modelling putty and plasti-card. 

I'm no sculptor, craftsmen, or modeller, and the finished miniature conversion isn't exactly accurate, to say the least, but it looks close enough to an 'ersatz M10' to suit my needs. So job done.  
Cheers for looking. I hope you all celebrated International Naval Wargaming Day, yesterday? No... Me neither. But I'm going to do something to rectify that, somewhat belatedly, in the future.

Oh, if anyone reading this was at Claymore show over the weekend and came across a misplaced bag of prepainted terrain items, I know of a chap looking for such and can put you in contact.


  1. Looking very good. Waiting for more.

  2. Nice work Roy, clever conversions Sir.

  3. Great conversion, I used a similar model many years ago (an Airfix Panther).

  4. Superb!

    I have found 2 M3/m5 Sturta/Honeys you can have. They will be slightly smaller than Pendraken, but should still e OK.

    1. Righto, Clint. Thank you. Its not a tank that I've ever had any models of, so it'll be fun to have and use in games.

  5. Thanks everyone. I did envision converting both of the stock models into ersatz M10s, but after doing the first (and discovering there wasn't actually many disguised Panthers used) I sort of had other thoughts.

    Dave (Pendraken) has offered to make a mould of the conversion for me should I wish, and then replicated casts could be had from it. Its a possibility, but I'll have to think upon it.


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