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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

28mm East Asian PrePainted Plywood Buildings - Col. Bill's

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""We have taken delivery of Renaissance Miniatures 28mm Plywood buildings. These come as kits and are pre coloured - but cleverly they are designed to offer parts with a choice of colour so not all the buildings will look the same. The first range is quite an extensive East Asian range suitable for Samurai period Japan. Presently we have the first two buildings - A Peasants house and a Ronin house, and two absolutely stunning bridges, one arched, the other ornate. We have assembled some display models for use at shows and we found them to be easy to assemble, with the plywood being more 'forgiving' than mdf to the fumbling fingers of this old modeller!!!""

Ronin House

Peasant House

Ornate Bridge

Arched Bridge

Photos show examples of the completed models, and the component parts.



  1. Useful for so many things. But alas no use for me. Great for Bushido though.

  2. I haven't seen them 'in the flesh', yet. But I may consider the arched bridge for my 2'x2' board (if it ever gets finished)

  3. Really lovely, especially the two bridges.

    Cheers Roger.

  4. These look excellent and whilst you haven't mentioned price, from Col. Bill's wenbsite they're very competetive.

  5. Yes, I've known about the arrival of these plywood terrain pieces for a couple of months now, but hadn't seen the examples sent over from Black Hat Miniatures when last at the Col. Bill's office (Stu's converted garage!).

    I'm interested to see how large this range of terrain is, as it states it is extensive, but I've not googled them, yet, so am still in the dark on the information. It'll be interesting to see if there's a switch to plywood as the material of choice for future items, and will it become a challenge to the MDF empires of established companies?

  6. mmmm... a one time interest for me - best not look to closely!

  7. Beautiful terrain, love these wonderful bridges!

  8. Thanks chaps

    Thanks to Bill over on TMP I've this link to offer (wow!)


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