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Monday, 31 July 2017

20% Off Sale - 28mm Steel Fist Samurai & Renaissance Knights - Col. Bill's

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:
(plus direct from Stu - as I've just come back from his office)

""Summer Sale -
We are having a 20% sale on ALL of our Steel Fist Miniatures items, including knights deals etc.

Many people have told us that they consider these C16th Knights and Samurai ranges to be amongst the very best sculpts they have seen. Well here is the chance to get them without breaking the bank!

This sale will take place throughout August using code 2017SFM and the good news is that it is available to our friends on Facebook NOW!!!!!""

- this sale is live, so you can use the code now. its also dependant on stock - once items sell out, then the new stock will revert back to the rrp. 

LINK to Steel Fist items at Col. Bill's webstore

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