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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Rowing Boats - Waterline & Full Hull Versions, Also Oars - New Items At Col. Bill's

You heard it here first!

An Internet exclusive!

Mainly as Stu's been too busy to advertise them himself!

28mm Boats from the Depot Battalion range.


Rowing Boat
Product no.: DBT001
28mm Rowing Boat. Metal kit requiring some assembly

Rowing Boat - waterline model
Product no.: DBT002
28mm Rowing Boat waterline model. Metal kit requiring some assembly


Product no.: DBT003
6 x 28mm oars cast with rowlocks in place. Metal items


  1. Can see those boats being useful in all scales...

  2. Yes, I've reserved a waterline model for myself (just in case he sells them all before he I next see Stu) as I plan on trying something completely different. And I can see those full hull versions being left above the waterline on a tabletop beach, or used as a scenario tool such as reach them to escape.


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