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Monday, 26 June 2017

Forgotten Heroes: Leopard Girl #2

I think the photo's tell the story, really. I filled in the gaps between boots and legs. Removed the belt and filled and smoothed. Some Green Stuff was used to bring the collar of the suit up under the chin. PVA white glue was used to fix talus grit to the base. When that had completely dried I applied more PVA white glue atop the dried grit, and now it has dried rock hard. Primer/undercoat is some Vallejo Flat Brown.
I've also began work on the Crossover Miniatures model that I'm going to base my work on for Retro Girl. But I'll go into further details in a separate post once I've finished converting it.

Here's the LINK to the Forgotten Heroes blog, where you can view all the participants great work!


  1. Great work Roy ! I'm looking forward to the painted version.

  2. The images are great!

  3. Thanks everyone. I wasn't going to originally show this additional conversion work - as it isn't exactly interesting - but I have, for the sake of completion, and it may be of worth to someone down the line. Cheers.

  4. Nice work, Roy. Now you've just got the leopard print paint job to look forward

  5. Shaping up well! Good stuff. :)

  6. Update: The brown of the body suit is painted ... Tackling those spots next. Bring on the challenge!


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