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Sunday, 28 May 2017

WIP Sunday

 A post to keep stoking the old enthusiasm.

While waiting for the polyfilla to cure on the bases of my Gotham City police officers, I began work on converting two 28mm figures and a 4-wheel wagon. See below pictures.

Meet Doctor Grimsdale and his 'nurse'/daughter, Emmanuelle.

The Doctor is a conversion of a Great Escape Games' Old West doctor miniature. Emmanuelle is simply a stock miniature from Foundry's Old West range. The horse is Colonel Bills. The cart is a cut-down and converted wagon by 4Ground. The cart is still a WIP.

I wont give the game away just yet as to what I'll be using them for. Except to say that I've also made an order from Colonel Bills (collecting on Tuesday) for a chunk of miniatures so I can field a full force in this new project for myself. Possibly resulting in quite a few conversions using the old green stuff. Good practice at sculpting if nowt else.
The Superhero group is all now cleaned. Glued. Pollyfilla covered bases. Just needs to be tidied up. PVA glue coated (the pollyfilla, to help seal it for painting). Then painted.
I honestly don't know when I'll get to paint anything, however. As the attic paint room is a mess. And I mean totally upside down. Possibly I'll need to relocate to the kitchen table until I get everything tidied away and sorted.

Cheers for looking.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Martin. But you should have heard the commotion when 'people' saw that I'd turned our kitchen table into a work bench! Saw and cutting block, MDF and steel rule... You'd have thought I'd committed a major crime :))

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Gordon. Been hunting down pictures of other gamer's work on Robin, to see how everyone else is painting the chap. I'm getting quite motivated to paint the figure up asap.

  3. Good stuff Roy. I love the conversion work on the Doctor Grimsdale - far better than I could even attempt, and this new project sounds very exciting too. I get the impression that Wild West is perhaps becoming the flavour of wargaming currently; even I might do some ;-)

    1. Thanks Simon. Nope, was just using cowboy figures in this case as they were sitting begging for a job to be used for. In fact, Dr. Grimsdale and Daughter are English and so will be the new 'make-it-up-as-I-go-along project (its bound never to get finished!).

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Michał. Practice makes perfect :)

  5. Great job Roy, nicely done Sir.

  6. With my name I have to like the wild west. (It is written in smoke signals somewhere.) I do like what you have done. Will make a great Vignette as well for ACW. The old "Saw bones"!

    Fantastic stuff.

    1. Thanks Clint. Yes, I thought they'd work for ACW, too. In my case I've used the 'civvy' figures as the clothes fit near-enough for the 1930s and I wanted miniatures in aprons and looking like they could be medics for use in the VBCW.

      Picking up the rest of the miniatures for my VBCW force today from Stu.

  7. Simple but effective conversion of the doc and the cops look good now they're assembled (even if they appear a little tall)

    1. Thanks Joe. Just checked the cops against the purple painted superhero and its an optical illusion due to my crap photography. The cops and standing straight superhero are the same height - though catwoman and robin are both crouching slightly, so are shorter overall.

  8. A great conversion on the doctor figure Roy,I haven't painted any cowboys for years, but "I kinda got a hankering to now pilgrim". but I have to ask where did you get that Catwoman figure from? I'm loving her.

    Cheers Roger.

  9. @Dick Garrison: Thanks Roger

    Catwoman is a conversion, I'm afraid. It is based on the Crooked Dice [classic] Pandora King miniature - greenstuff ears and a piece of copper wire drilled and fixed to the back of the model's belt.


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