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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Painting A 28mm Display Unit For The Col. Bills Trade Stand

I've said I'll paint the following blister pack of 28mm miniatures for the Colonel Bills' trade stand. 

Stu (Col. Bills) suggested that I also do it for the blog. 

What you see in the photos are exactly what I've got to use - the contents of the blister pack sold as "SEK 7 Charging Samurai - £15.00 rrp". 
[this is their official Steel Fist title. They're listed as D7 Charging Samurai B at Col. Bills]

I'll be painting the figures one at a time, and will show off each completed figure as I've finished it. 
If people would like a brief review of the miniatures, then here you go.

Roy Williamson wrote this review - these are my own, personal, thoughts. I am not a professional reviewer.

They're cleanly cast. No mould lines to be seen on any of the figures I have. 
They have a good weight to them and feel solid, enough. 
The hands will need drilling out to take the weapons. This might need to be a careful, precise job as the hands are finely detailed and I'd hate to lose some of the sculpt. From what I've found, not all of the weapons will fit with each of the figures - the club, especially, I can only get to fit properly into the figure with the raised right hand. 
I don't know if the heads are interchangeable with each figure - I'll tell you after I've began work on them. 
As to be expected, with cast pole arms and 'banner poles', the metal does bend if not carefully handled - but there is no way around this problem, when using cast parts as supplied. 
The figures are very detailed, the castings feature lots of finely sculpted areas.

The big one - the cost. 
Each figure costs £3.75. And can only be bought in a blister pack of a set number of figures.
That is all I'm going to say about the cost, for now. I'll come back to the subject after I've painted the four figures I have.

- And that's it for now. I have an idea to make the most of such a unit, but its all dependant on how the first four figures turn out and where Stu wants to go from there. I'd like to do a seven or eight figure 120mm frontage x 50mm depth unit, the figures charging forward and displayed as a vignette, which would work with such rules as Impetus. But, we'll have to see how I go on painting them, and what Stu thinks. 

Cheers for looking.


  1. looking promising, as you say quite pricey but ok for specials

    1. @Martin Cooke: Yes, the price is the stumbling block unfortunately. I have to admit that the metal figures look and feel superior to the norm of historic 28mm miniatures, but I've a horrible fear that unless I do the paint job justice they'll be expensive white elephants.

  2. Looking forward to seeing these assembled and painted and who doesn't like samurai?

    1. @Zabadak: Yes, it was one of the reasons why I volunteered my services, yesterday, them being 'Japanese' miniatures. Luckily I've already got reference books on various periods of Japanese society and warfare to help me paint them.

  3. I'm looking forward to this one Roy, best of luck.

    1. @Michael Awdry: Thank you. The job is definitely going to be a slowly, slowly, catchy monkey affair. Lest I ruin the paint job by rushing it and spoiling the look of the sculpts.

  4. They certainly look good...lots of detail. Look forward to seeing them painted up, Roy.

    1. @Gordon Richards: Yes, I've got to say that these Steel Fist Samurai are better, imho, than the Perry, Foundry, Dixon Samurai that I also own sculpts of. I'm just about to go and start work on them, now.

  5. Replies
    1. @Michał: Thank you. Hopefully I'll be starting to paint one today

  6. Well I know first hand that you can paint (I have a figure you painted )

    so I for one am looking forward to seeing this progress.

    1. @Clint: Thanks Clint. I'm going to look at what paint needs to go where and which colours to use for the first mini' today. I'm hoping to get two of the four figures completed by Friday night, and the remainder done before the 10th when I'll next see Stu (at Durham show).


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