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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Col. Bill's - 28mm Spanish Naps Now Stocked, & 'Best Seller' Pack Horses!

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"We are very pleased to announce that we are now able to sell Eagle Figures 28mm Spanish Napoleonic range through our online shop.

Eagle Figures has been in existence for around 25 years, but were bought by their current owner 3 years ago. The Spanish are the first range that have been produced in total since that time. They are sculpted by the ultra talented Ian Mountain and are very compatible in size with Perry Miniatures.

Although we will not be carrying these figures at wargames shows/events they will be available for pre-order at our normal 10% discount which is available via our checkout system."
Last blog post I showed off the latest Depot Battalion miniatures - two pack horses, with cargoes. Well they've gone on to become so popular as to become an instant best seller!

Released for pre-sale last Thursday. On sale to the public from last Saturday. 95% of stock sold out by yesterday!

But fear not, for NEW (re)STOCK has arrived from the casters and Col. Bill's now has plenty more of them to sell.
Some personal stuff, now. 


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  1. Your ACW collection is coming along nicely Roy and have a fabulous time at Hammerhead.

    1. @Michael Awdry: Thank you. I have to admit to being just a little chuffed with how well my painting is turning out on the mini's, and that I'm actually able to stick with the project instead of bouncing to something different.

      Hammerhead. I'm not looking forward to the very early start to get down there in time to help Dave, however. Dave & Col. Bill have taken the sensible option of driving down today and staying overnight, but being sensible has never been a quality directed at myself, so its a two hour drive on the day for me.

  2. @Clint: Thanks Clint. I'm enjoying working on them, they're definitely coming out better than I expected to be able to do them.


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