Monday, 13 February 2017

The Old Guard Club Gaming Session - Dave Doc's Sudan

There was another all-day meet, yesterday, and we were all involved in a game of Black Powder using Dave Docherty's Sudan toys. I only played a very small part, and to save from repeating what other players / umpire have written, I'll simply direct readers over to those player's blogs who were present. 

I am listed as being British C-in-C. But, to be honest, I mainly played a backseat part, allowing the three brigade commanders near-enough free control of their forces. 

It was great fun being involved in the game. I actually turned up expecting to be a Sudanese player, so had sorted a battleplan, pre-game, to maximise the scenario rules to that side's advantage. I can always use it next time!

What I think the Sudanese really need is some 'secret' French help. Disguised funding. Military observers, with a sideline in advising. A refurbished mitrailleuse with French-trained crew. A 'Volunteers' Regiment of adventuring gentlemen (and not so gentlemanly types pressed into duty); French-trained, French-armed, French funded. After all, the entente cordial wasn't signed until 8th April 1904, and until then France and GB were still disputing colonialism in North Africa. But that is just my imagination running away with me, and hijacking Dave's 'historical' Sudan collection into a 'what-if' scenario ... In other words; I'd best not rock the boat, lest the Royal Navy do prove to rule the waves! 

Here are the links:

Once again (I've previously thanked him on FB), a big thank you to Dave for putting on the game.



  1. Looks great. Off to read the other blogs now.

  2. Looks a fantastic game - very jealous (I also read the batrep on Doc's blog - rich in piccies!)

  3. I am envious of you playing with that collection.

  4. Thanks everyone. Yes, I have been, and still am, rather lucky when it comes to local clubs and individuals - Something that I've never really appreciated, I suppose. Dave's is definitely a great collection and this is the second time I've had chance to play the Sudan - If I go to Hammerhead in March I could possibly sneak in a third game, should there be table space.

  5. Fabulous looking game! Thanks to your links, a few interesting blogs have been discovered. I have followed Dave's for quite awhile but some of the others are new to me. Very interesting to read the battle report from different perspectives. You have a fine group!

    1. @Jonathan Freitag: Yes, I'd have loved to read a write up from the Sudanese players...

      Their dice rolling in the first couple of turns was excellent, completely on their side, where as the Imperial's were having a bad half-hour. The Sudanese cavalry brigade started off grandly, then the dice near-enough abandoned Stuart and the brigade just got bogged down, then ripped apart from Martin's close range volleys and cold steel defending. I'd also love to hear about their take on the tactics they used - a high offensive line, coming out to meet the British well forward of the dry river bed that runs the full width of the table. Seeing them come out like that surprised me, I'd have hung back and used rifle and howitzer fire to slow the British advance then charge in with Beja fanatical foot and the cavalry just as the British crossed the river bed, or at an opportune moment. But, maybe my tactical plan would fair worse and the offensive, coupled with lucky dice rolls, would carry the day? Something to ponder on when looking back at the photos.

    2. Yess I think the luck of the first few turn emboldened the Mahdists ... who could have suckered the Brits in some more I think

  6. It was a great looking game 😀

  7. Cheers everyone.

    A (brief) additional bit of info to add to what I wrote previously. Dave is running the game (El Teb) at Hammerhead on 4th March and as I'm in attendance I'll be helping to man the table (okay, table-sitting during toilet and lunch breaks). Dave's thinking about making some tweaks to the game played previously, probably some random (hidden) surprises for the British to encounter, just to make it more of a challenge for the Imperial players.


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