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Saturday, 21 January 2017

New Items At Colonel Bills - C17th / Belt Fed / Toilet Humour

Whilst I stopped blogging for a period over Christmas and the New Year it seems Colonel Bill didn't (I wasn't, previously, aware of the fact), so this is a 'catch-up post' with as much of the Facebook posts that I've spotted.

All quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:
"New Belt Fed Girls are imminent!! We are now only waiting for the casting elves to get their fingers out and cast us some stock to sell!!! The new kids on the block are: BFG28 Rambo Lynne, Vietnam Veteran; BFG29 Gwendoline, Dark Age Welsh Princess; BFG30 Holly Roger, Buccaneer; BFG31 Morag, Una & Fiona, Gaelic Witches; BFG32 Anais, French Napoleonic Hussard de la Mort. All the pics show our display models ably painted by Dogman."
BFG28 Rambo Lynne
BFG29 Gwendoline
BFG30 Holly Roger
BFG31 Morag, Una & Fiona
BFG32 Anais

7 January at 04:03:

"he lack of shows in january have allowed us to get some display figures painted. Tom Darlo has provided us with the Depot Battalion C17th Villagers, and Dogman has finally got around to painting BFG girl Doll Face Kitty. Kitty is now also available as a foot and mounted figure bundle at a discounted price. Also painted by Dogman is the new 'Carsey Humour' figure due out in the next few weeks - 'Pithed Off' - Colonial Contemplation. This is a British officer sitting smoking his pipe on the thunderbox whilst he contemplates the tasks ahead. This figure will be available with or without the mdf thunderbox at £5.50 and £1.50 respectively"
C17th Villagers
LINK to the villagers on the webstore

C17th Villagers
Product no.: DBH012

8 x 28mm C17th Villagers including peddlers, gossiping wife in a scold, beggar and a village idiot. Metal items supplied unpainted

BFG girl Doll Face Kitty
'Pithed Off' - Colonial Contemplation


"Another little peak into the future - with tongue very much in cheek! Here is another one of our Depot Battalion humour sets. This one sees a WW2 Japanese Officer sitting on a thunderbox. We have named it 'Divine Wind' - the kami carsey!!! This figure should be available in the near future with an mdf thunderbox kit for £5.50, or just as a figure for £1.50"
'Divine Wind' - the kami carsey

Roy: And that's the 'catch-up'. 

Personally, I'm not struck on the Japanese miniature. The facial expression (although nicely sculpted) isn't one that I like. 



  1. Hoooooo, splendid and unusual figures here...even the Japanese imo!

  2. Some splendid addictions and one or two 'must haves'.

  3. I like Holly Roger I can see me getting that one. Maybe one or two others as well.

  4. I'm planning on buying "Pithed Off", myself, and making a portable chamber pot frame / seat and pot (underneath). Then making a small diorama with a screened off area for the officer to get down to business. Might have to look for a suitable servant figure (to clean the pot out afterwards).
    Blame Dave Docherty and his Sudan collection! :)

  5. Can't say I'm a big fan of these, even as well painted as they are, but I'm equally sure that they'll sell well given the unusual nature of their subject matter.

    1. I'd put money on the C17th villagers being a good seller. The Belt fed stuff is usually hit or miss, and Stu never knows which will be popular or not. The 3 witches could probably be used as civilians, so they'll probably be useful.


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