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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Colonel Bills are now stocking Steel Fist Miniatures

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook Page:

"Very pleased to announce that Colonel Bills are now stocking Steel Fist Miniatures. These top quality, elite 28mm products currently consists of a large Samurai range, an Italian Wars range and a small WOTR range. The figures mix well with Perrys. We will be carrying the Italian wars to Crusade at Penarth on saturday plus three samples of the Samurai. It is hoped that we will have the whole range available both at shows and online very soon"

If anyone needs any further information, or wants to make a sales enquiry, best things would be to email Stuart at:



  1. Roy,
    I pushed the boat out and bought their gendarmes. They are beautiful figures, probably the best sculptured Ive seen. Even better than Eureka's range. The only issue is obviously the price. Hopefully I will be able to bend Stu's fingers a bit to get the price a tad lower.

    1. @Robbie Rodiss: Hello Robbie,
      I don't know much about the ranges, to be honest. I remember when the owner first began his Samurai (he was on a forum I was a member of) and he was building up his seller profile, so I saw a lot of the sculpting process and research for those original sculpts. As you say, they are beautifully done and I'd imagine for the price the casting is finished to an excellent quality (I've not seen any of the figures, but I'd hope so!). But the price is cause for a serious bit of decision making before committing to a purchase or building a unit.
      Only thing that I can think of that might ease the cost burden was if a show pre-order was made, and the miniatures qualified for the 10% discount from Col. Bills.

  2. Thanks everyone.
    They are beautifully sculpted miniatures. I don't know who painted the 'display samples', to be honest, so I can't give the person the credit they deserve.

  3. Unfortunately for me at the moment not my thing. I am slipping back to WW2 15mm and sci fi

  4. I'm sure these will tempt a lot of people - nice additions to the Col.'s stock too.

  5. A great addition to the stock list, having seen a few in the flesh as it were they are a thing of beauty.

  6. Yes. They're not bad mini's. I like the Samurai range, but I sold off my Japanese stuff last year, so I won't be buying any in and starting again.


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