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Friday, 21 October 2016

Latest Miniatures At Colonel Bills!

There's finally some photo's of the latest Colonel Bills miniatures. These have been available at a couple of shows already, but haven't featured on the Internet yet (unless you've seen Ray Rousell's blog!)

So, may I present to you all the latest figures available at Colonel Bills Wargames Depot

Belt Fed Girls
BFG022 - Doll Face Kitty on foot - Wild West Outlaw
BFG023 - Hoetha fukaya - Central African Queen
BFG024 - Brigette - WW2 Wehrmacht Hussy
BFG025 - Dulce Maria - Wild West Mexican Bandito
BFG026 - Agustina of Aragon - Spanish Napoleonic heroine
BFG027 - Razia Sultana - Medieval Indian Warrior Queen

Coming Soon: Female Pirate! Female Rambo!

Depot Battalion Miniatures
DBH012 - C17th Villagers

Painted examples of all the above will be shown as and when completed.

Thank you.