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Thursday, 2 June 2016

My WW2 Wagon photos & yoke info.

Quoted from Col. Bills Facebook (30th May)
Many thanks to Roy Williamson for the excellent work he has done on our Early WW2 German Wagon Crew display figures. Roy has placed the crew on, and alongside, a converted 4Ground Ox Wagon which also carries a load from the Depot Battalion range (again converted) and some Ainsty bits and bobs. The whole lot is pulled by a pair of Depot Battalion draught horses.
The Facebook post does go on (through the comments) to discuss the reason behind the fact the yoke is incorrect for horses - basically, I didn't want to alter the stock model too much from how it is bought off the shelf - and, in private email, I've told Stu that I'll make the next wagon I'm going to do (an ECW artillery train wagon) to be accurate, as a model can be, for equine use.