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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

28mm WW2 (Early War) German 'Commandeered' Supply Wagon - Col. Bills Display Piece

I've just finished painting and basing up this WW2 German piece. 

[Please excuse the photo's, I know they're hardly presented in a professional manner.]

It comprises the following parts: [LINKS to the Col. Bill webstore pages]
If any one wishes to tell me that I've painted the sidecaps the wrong colour, I'll put you in touch with Stu and he can tell you the story of me going around Partizan trying to find out what colour they should be - Or I can email the various (contradicting) pictures/photo's/guides/information that I've collected on the subject. To say I'm sick of the bloody things would be putting it lightly :)
[The majority of the side caps I've found pictures of are made from the same wool (colour) as the blouse, so I used that.]
Right. This was my first time painting horses. First time painting a MDF wagon. First time painting resin cargo pieces. First time painting a large multi-part group. First time I've had to base and paint, post-figure completion (I normally paint single figures so can base first). Anyway, you can get what I'm saying - I hadn't a clue how to go about painting up such a piece as this ... So, to be honest, it was a little daunting at times. 
Mistakes were made. Lessons learned. Hopefully the next wagon and crew will be easier to complete. 
Oh, if anyone's wondering about why I didn't base them with a grassy finish ...? Well, I was going to, but it sort of ended up being a dusty Mediterranean-look, instead. Operation Marita (the Axis Invasion of Allied Greece, 1941) saw the Germans still wearing early war stuff - thankfully!  

Why I included reins etc.: Because the model actually belongs to Colonel Bills and Stu likes to feature reins on the wagon models. They do look good, so I was happy to include them.
[Those in the know will probably spot that I've attached the reins to the rear part of the harness, which is in correct - they should be further to the front - I've used artistic license to make it look good, is the reason why I've done so.]
The 4Ground wagon doesn't actually feature a wagon seat, so I had to adapt and fit a seat from another 4Ground wagon for the purpose.
The cargo are a mix of Col. Bills and Ainsty. Stu didn't have any WW2 cargo pieces when he handed me the bits, so I said I could convert the piece he'd supplied me with - I made a (balsa wood) lid for the top crate, and covered up the black powder guns with tarpaulins (made from toilet paper, thread, and pva glue).
The horses were painted black so as to contrast with the wooden wagon and the green-ish uniform colour of the figures. To be honest, there is three layers of black on each horse model but unless looking at it very closely you can't tell ... So maybe it should be called a fail. Actually it should, as I've made a mess of the detail on the horses by using a shade wash (I used too much and it has resulted in air bubbles in places on the work) - Guess I won't be getting paid for the horses, then :)) 
Another reason why I left the base painted the colour it is, is due to the high contrast it creates with the miniatures. Extremely useful when you want people to look at the figures - At least that's what I'll argue if asked to change it (Please, Stu. Don't ask me to, attempt, repainting it.)
The cotton thread used to make the various reins actually wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. The only issue I had was attaching it to the driver on the seat, and making it (possibly) look like he is holding them correctly.
I have to say that painting the MDF wagons does actually look good. I primed white, undercoated brown (twice), then used a medium brown, finally painting on the wood grain effect using a lighter brown. It took a quite some time, but it looks good in my opinion. [Obviously this wagon is of a civilian pattern, probably commandeered, which is another reason why I went for the unpainted wood effect.] 
The various uniform identification and rank badges etc. are painted only to an approximation.
And, obviously, I didn't have a suitable backdrop to photo against. So please excuse the snow :D 
The Depot Battalion wagon crew set comes with a driver and a figure leading the horses. This being a display piece I've included both, whether this is right or not in actual practice is something that I'm happy to be advised upon.

A few WIP photo's
Yes, I painted the bottom of the wagon. Actually I did it to serve the purpose of seeing what another layer of paint would look like on the model ... I liked it, so it all got painted similar. Also, anyone using a mirror to look under the model can't say I've cut any corners!