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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Dolly Mop the Harlot 'Finished & Ready for Business!'* [Belt Fed Girl]

*Or, it can now be handed over to Stu at Colonel Bills on Saturday, at the Tees Con wargames show.

This is a [converted] example of BFG20 Dolly Mop - Victorian Harlot, from the Belt Fed Gaming range produced by Colonel Bills Wargames Depot.

Here's a LINK to the full range available, on the Colonel Bills webstore

You'll have to, please, excuse the fact that the models still attached to it's painting stand. A decent photography stage is something that I'll have to rig up.

LINK to post 1 of this paint up of Dolly Mop
LINK to post 2 of this paint up of Dolly Mop

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

WIP Post #2 On Dolly Mop - Colonel Bills Victorian Harlot

Apart from the skin tones needing their second and third contrasting layers, and I might work on the blues of the feather and garter belts, maybe a highlight on the red of the nipple tassels' cups, that's the work about there, completed.

All ready for more work, come Saturday. Yay ... Groan! ;-)

All I've been doing is painting on diluted layers of paint, so I'll just let the photo's do the talking. 
There is some spots of shiny, in places. Its the sun reflecting off a glossy bit of paint, which should vanish with a coat of varnish .

The photo's may be enlarged, by clicking upon them.

Second layering of contrasting colours
 Third layering of contrasting colours
Here's the LINK to the official version - now with a photograph of another painted example!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

WIP Belt Fed Victorian Harlot

Progress on the Belt Fed Miniatures: Dolly Mop (Victorian / Steampunk Harlot) has taken the form of this, so far - base sculpted, nipple tassel conversions, primed and undercoated, base colours applied, shading washes applied. 
 Foundation base colours 'blocked in'
Games Workshops Agrax Earthshade shading wash applied to the figure
Nuln Oil shading wash applied to the base.

Next task will be to layer on either the same base colour paints, or slightly contrasting, lighter tones of paint atop the raised parts of the sculpt. Leaving the shaded areas darker. 
Here's a recap shot of the miniature before paint - my conversion work being the 
Games Workshop Green-Stuff areas on the base and breasts.

You are able to purchase, an unconverted, Dolly Mop miniature here

Sunday, 27 March 2016

My conversion of a Belt Fed Girl to wear nipple tassels!

Here's an example of the (not long ago released - I've had it since before release, but didn't pull my finger out and get it photographed. Whoops!) Belt Fed Girl, Dolly Mop. A Victorian / Steam Punk Harlot.

Link to where you can purchase (an unconverted) Dolly Mop
There's still a bit of work to do tidying up the greenstuff work - using a new scalpel blade to clean the edges of the cobble stones etc, and maybe try to work some definition into the nipple tassels.

Yes, this is the second Belt Fed Girl miniature that I've converted to cover up the naked breasts. I've nothing against nudity in figures, nor specifically any complaints with the sculpts ... In this case I just envisioned the miniature wearing nipple tassels, to complement her corset and stockings and other frilly fancies.

Hopefully, I'll have it painted within the week.


Sunday, 6 March 2016

Hammerhead Show Photos - Pictures Of The Games

I don't have much time, today, so I'm going to upload all of the photo's I took yesterday and then will come back to them when I can and label them etc.
"Show photos from Hammerhead. I don't like to intrude on games, so these aren't very 'zoomed-in', I also like to get the overall view of the table (detritus included) as that's the nuts-and-bolts of the hobby to my mind. I've blanked out the faces of any children captured in the photos - I tried my hardest to minimise their inclusion, but in some cases it was unavoidable. Looking at the photo's taken, I believe I missed two games - I can only apologies to these clubs/groups."
If you click on the photo's, they should enlarge.

As I said, I'll come back to this blog post and properly label and sort it out, when I've more time.