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Monday, 1 February 2016

Belt Fed Girl - 'Old West' Gunfighter With Two Pistols - By Colonel Bills

Here's my version of "BFG16 - Calamity Jane - Wild West Legend" which I've painted to use with my Dead Man's Hand Desperado Gang.

I kept the 'conversion' simple - a straight forward paint job over the bared torso. I didn't alter the stock figure in anyway, then people can see how simple it is to alter the bare-breasted figure, if they prefer.

I've one last figure to paint for the gang, then I'll take a group shot - and then people can see how the Belt Fed Girl sizes up alongside a Great Escape, Artizan, Ironclad and several Foundry figures.
Here's a photo of the model taken from the Colonel Bills website - [artist unknown]

Here's the LINK to the website where the unpainted figure can be purchased.