Monday, 3 October 2016

15mm 7YW British Unit Paint Up [#5]

Grenadiers and their caps.

The figures were mostly painted as shown with the Musketeers, see previous posts. The only exception being the headwear.

The images
Yes, spot the spelling error. My bad.
If you've been reading the comments in the previous posts, you may have seen some discussion as to how long it is taking me to paint these 15mm figures ... And how big a mess-up I made in estimating a time for each figure (good job I wasn't quoting an estimate of work!).

I reckon I spent around one hour per figure, with these x4 grenadiers.



  1. Fantastic job on 15 mm figures, they are going to look something when they are all together !

  2. That's an incredible amount of detail you are cramming into these miniatures. Tremendous work.

  3. Thanks everyone.

    Did some research last night and the cap did feature white 'lines' at the rear, as I've painted (luckily for me!).

    1. Beat me too it, the caps also had a grenade the base of the central 'line' iirc

    2. @Zabadak: Thanks Joe.
      I've been researching more on the Brunswickers than Brit's, of late. In case any other club members want a quick and easy jump-in force, to ally with mine to play against the chap who has a large French army.

      The Brunswick army has the appeal that you could field the entire Field Army on the tabletop, but I'm thinking that a couple of Line Battalions and some Regimental/Battalion guns might be quite sufficient as an add-on force for any partly interested party in the group.

  4. Nice work :)
    Hard to find pictures/paintings/photos of uniforms/headgear from the rear...

    1. @Mike: Thank you

      In this case I've got to hold my hand up and admit to a poor memory, in the case of the rear of the grenadier caps. Doh!

      Osprey Warrior Series, Brit. Redcoat Bk1, has a full-page colour plate of heads with powdered hair and headdress - Slap bang in the middle is the cap that I'd been painting, showing all the detail.

      I nearly made the same mistake with the Drummer's coat, but made myself research before continuing painting. I'll be showing that one, and the flags today.


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