Friday, 7 October 2016

15mm 7YW British Unit Paint Up [#6]

Real Life, other blog stuff, other gaming stuff, and a need to watch a load of  Asian films on dvd (before the sales return date for faulty stock expires) has seen this project take a brief pause.

I painted these three the other day, but with everything else getting in the way of things I'm only just getting around to posting them on the blog.

I've decided to name my initial force for this project under the label 'St. Ulrich Scenario'. As, as you've guessed it, I'm aiming to build up a small force to play in the St. Ulrich scenario from the Honours of War rules book.
The first infantry unit is near completion. Just the officer figure, varnishing, and basing left to do.

Here's the three figures (so far painted) belonging the command stand (flags are home made)
Edit: I now know what those two 'sleeves' are - Thanks Leman
With any luck the unit could be finished this weekend, and featured on this blog on Monday.



  1. Thank you both.

    Its been pointed out to me that I've made a mistake on the flags, so I'll have to do a quick repair on one side (I've reversed the Roman Numerals when they shouldn't have been).

  2. These look great Roy, I'm very jealous; good fix on the flag and the false 'sleeves' can still be spoed in ceremonial dress on Royal occassions.

  3. Thanks Martin and Joe.

    @Zabadak: Yes, luckily for me my guessed-at paint designs on those false sleeve 'things' aren't too far from the truth (I've seen one image at least of the back of a Minden drummers uniform).
    Flags have now been fixed and I managed to varnish them all this morning.

  4. Lovely work Roy, they really stand out nicely.


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