Saturday, 1 October 2016

15mm 7YW British Unit Paint Up [#4]

12x Musketeers finished.

4x Grenadiers started on last night.

A quick explanation on what I mean by paint layering, if needed? You start with a dark (first layer colour), such as a dark red as an example. You then layer over the top of the darker colour with a brighter colour to create a contrasting layer of paint (the second layer), allowing the darker colour to remain visible, beneath, in places of shadow such as creases.
Basically it is the Wargames Foundry Triad Painting Method, as explained by Kevin Dallimore in his first book [very useful to learn from!]

The final photos of the musketeers.
And that's it. The Grenadiers, Command, Flags, Varnishing and then basing is all that's left to do - So not much then! :(

Here's the complete set of images
Painting the Grenadiers will be the same as the Musketeers for the most part, the only difference being a sculpted waist belt and the cap. So I'll probably only show photos of the cap paint up. 

There really is no excuse for me not to remember the paint colours in the future!



  1. They do look the business! Very nice :)

  2. Nice explanations and illustrations, well done and useful!

  3. Nicely painted, but not really my cup of tea.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    Got to admit that I've taken just that little bit more of an interest in this project than I would otherwise. Mainly as it was after seeing mid-C18th British, in wargaming hardbacks in the school library, that made me want to collect a historic army myself - Although those were all British from the WAS / Jacobite uprising.

    I'd imagine that these British will, at some point in the future, feature in a what-if, fifteen-years-later, refight of Culloden Moor.

    1. Something do just catch the mind, don't they! Y'know I've always had a hankering for big lace an musket stuff as well, but only played or collected it in the last few years!

      I blame early Wargames Illustrated mags (or Miniature Wargames?! Dunno now!), with the big spreads and cramped hand drawn battle maps from when I started gaming :)

    2. @Toxic Pixie: I'm painting up the x4 Grenadiers at the moment, have spent a hour on them so far and they're half-way done. Obviously my "2 hours a figure" from a previous comment was way off - so good job I wasn't quoting an estimate of work, as I'd have priced myself out of the job! :))

      Next lot I do, I'll try and keep a time sheet, as I'm interested myself.

    3. Whoops, that's quite a way off :D

      Twelve hours per unit, two solid weekend afternoon/days each. They'll look cracking when you deploy them for the inevitable "newly
      Painted rout debacle" that always accompanies my shiny new troops ;)

    4. @Toxic Pixie: Once I got around to the detail work on the grenadiers it, inevitably, slowed up. I reckon they've been an hour a figure. 20hrs for the unit (when inc. the command) + basing + if I make the flags, got to call it 24hrs including drying time.

      Yes, I've already predicted that they'll be back in the box soon as, once deployed on the table top. Its always the way.

    5. Curse you detail work! Maybe it'll pay off and they'll feel inspired, you never know.

  5. You certainly have a steady hand! Great job!

  6. These are splendid Roy, cracking work Sir.

  7. Thanks everyone

    - Here's one to laugh about; just been painting the grenadiers and I've only gone and used the wrong colour for lace, after I recorded every paint used in those photos. Doh!

  8. Very nice work Roy ! Great detail for such little guys !
    And great & helpful tutorial ! Looking forward to see more ...


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