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Monday, 8 February 2016

Vapnartak (York Show) 2016

The Pendraken Miniatures Forum Meet

Thank you everyone for popping along and for being such good chaps to take part in the photo.

backrow: Andrew Bruce. Me.
front row: Andy (Leman). Ian (Skywalker - kneeling down). Stuart (Bodvoc). Jim Duncan
Here's Andrew's blog

And Jim's

I've also got to thank Jamie, for stepping in to take the photograph

I also met Dave Docherty

The Westerhope boys

Darrell Hindly

Neil (from the Durham Wargames Group)

but sadly missed Robbie

Apologies Zabadak. I did say that I would take photographs, but I was that busy sourcing bits and pieces for 28mm Cowboys and 10mm ACW that I never really got the chance before we had to head off to visit elsewhere. I didn't even  get chance to take in the games properly, apart from the London Warlord's game of South American Napoleonics (10/10 in my books! and very pleasant to talk with).
I also must apologies to those looking for me in my Star Wars shirt (I was too embarrassed to be seen in it - making the admission, that I really don't like it and got it for a laugh just to break the ice). Be warned though - I've bought more!
Caught in the act of buying Pendraken Miniature! 
[Me; camo-Bundeswehr coat and grey hand basket]


  1. Hope you had a good day and got some swag! They all look like a bunch of reprobates one tries to avoid late at night! Specifically the two at the back!!! (JK)

    1. @Clint: Thanks Clint.
      I bought enough 10mm ACW to get a game together using a "Hill Line Defence scenario" from a CS Grant book I have. They're nearly all glued up, and I've plans to build roads and hills and hedges and streams. I also bought some 6mm buildings from Baccus for this game (6mm being easier to pretend its a village/town in this scale as it doesn't take up as much room on the table). Hopefully I can get a proper wargame sorted and get in a game soon.

  2. It does sound like you had a very hectic show, but you still managed to get a group shot in. Thanks for the mention (I think) and the other bloggers' blog list, 9some of which I've never seen or been aware of) and there's enough piccies on them to satisfy the curious..

    1. @Zabadak: I did take a camera, but I lacked all enthusiasm to go back to the van and get it, if I'm honest.
      Ian, the chap kneeling down, has a website - the Redcar Ironbeards wargaming club. I'm hoping to get over to them for a game asap. They also put on games at as many North East shows as they can.
      Stuart, centre front, lives close by to me, so hopefully we'll soon meet up for a game.


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