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Monday, 19 October 2015

Stand To, at Shildon - Photo's From The Show

[apologies. due to the stupid vagaries of blogger, it has chosen to upload all of the photo's out of order, and with there being so many of them I'm not going to rectify this issue.] 

Stand To, at Shildon "Locomotion" National Railway Museum. 

The Cowboy game was put on by Mr Andrew Wylie - all of the buildings are made from paper!
The Romans and Celts game was by the Redcar Ironbeards.
The large Renaissance wargame was put on by the Independent Wargames Group.
The Living History team (a couple of nice chaps who I had a good chat with, and passed on some details as I'm trying to sell off a deactivated PPSH-41 sub-machine gun) I believe were depicting the 68th DLI (Durham Light Infantry) during the 1980s. 
The trader who I photographed is Asylum Wargaming. I had a good talk with the gentleman (I also had a good talk with Midlam Miniatures and Colonel Bill's trading/gaming group) and he's near-enough sold me on the Relics game system, as he tells me my local club play the game.

I have to say the venue is excellent. The museum staff and facilities a credit. However, the show really needs better advertising to bring in more visitors on the day. There's enough traders, if a couple more games could be brought together that would help, and hopefully more show-goers would help the traders and make the gamers be enthused to display again at further shows.  I did enjoy myself and spent money, so the organisers should view it as a success (of sorts). 

Darrell Hindley also went along to the show and you can read his views here: