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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

NEW! Painted Items For Sale - C19th Africa and more...

New painted figures available in our shop. These include a Tuareg raiding party. 28mm Unfeasibly figures painted by the super talented brush of Andy Osborne. Enjoy...

Saturday, 20 May 2017

New Stock! Painted and Unpainted 28mm Goodies!

New stock in this week!

Including a 96 piece, 28mm 'Cutting Edge Miniatures' biblical Hittite army painted to a good wargames standard by Dave Hudson.
Also new are some unpainted 28mm Empress Miniatures modern Aussies and USMC frogmen. Though these two guys are Chinese!
And multiple packs of Companion Miniatures Napoleonic British & French.
If you are unfamiliar with Companion Miniatures they are a cheaper alternative, and compatible to, Perry & Foundry figs, and most of the packs we have are very suitable for skirmish games such as 'Sharp Practice'
Moderns - Aussies
Naps - British Flank Company & Rifles:

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Greek Hoplite Unit For Sale

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"Amongst the mayhem that is Salute we took delivery of another unit of painted 28mm Greek Hoplites from the ever industrious Dave Meller. These are plastic Immortal Miniatures figures and this time we have a large 34 figure unit that we are selling at £99 - thats less than £3 a figure - Bargain!!!!"

LINK to the sale

Monday, 24 April 2017

A Look At The EMP 28mm Ranges At Colonel Bill's

Today we'll take a look at the EMP Games ranges currently carried by Colonel Bill's. We don't carry all of the items that EMP make, but give us time and, hopefully, if they prove a success, we will!

These can all be bought through the webstore and at the shows we attend.

Historical - WW1, Gallipoli Campaign [28mm Scale. Australian Light Horse and Turkish Infantry]
Historical - Chinese Boxer Rebellion [28mm Scale. The Boxer Uprising 1899-1901]
Historical - Age of Adventure, Victorian Explorers [28mm Scale. Colonial/Explorers]
Lost Horizon - Fantasy Explorer [28mm Scale. Lost worlds, forgotten jungles, or mysterious islands - Wherever your imagination takes you]
The Underworld - Dungeon Fantasy [28mm Scale. Creatures from the darkest recesses of the world, or any world!]

Distant Horizon - Sci-Fi [28mm. Future wars on planets in distant galaxies]
Twisted Horizon - Sci-Fi [28mm Scale. Nuns with guns and Battle Brothers. Sci Fi with a religious bent]

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Col. Bill's Now Sell EMP Games - Historical & Sci-Fi

More new lines are coming in time for Salute. This time we are very happy to announce that we shall have Wargames Emporium's EMP Games range at Salute and most other UK shows.

This ranges includes Historical (WW1 Gallipoli and Boxer Rebellion), Lost Horizon (including some superb explorer figures), Twisted Horizon (nuns with guns and battle brothers), The Underworld Floating Heads, crazy toadstools etc) and Distant Horizon (Sci Fi including Hazmat Clone troopers and Expeditionary Forces & Specialists). We hope to have them all online before the end of the Easter weekend...and of course they are all available for pre order with our usual 10% discount
EMP historical ranges on our webstore [LINK]

So far only the WW1 and Boxer Rebellion codes are up on the webstore, so further links will be added as and when they are completed.