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Thursday, 16 November 2017

New Belt Fed Girls Now Available To Buy! Santa trio / Gypsies / Lewis Gunner

Quoted from Col. Bill's Facebook:

""It is well known that behind every successful man there is a strong woman - in this case Mary Christmas is the lady behind Santa Claus. Together with the two elves, Holly and Ivy, they keep Santa on schedule to be ready for 24th December.... The new 'festive' Belt fed Girls are now available at our online shop and at our stall at wargames events - these include Mary, Holly and ivy; together with Kiki Blinder, our interwar lewis gunner; and Rosella, Kezia & Charity three gypsy dancing girls, suitable for a multitude or periods.""
Gypsy Dancers
Buy BFG39 - Gypsy Dancers here [LINK]
Christmas trio
Kiki Blinder

Cheers for looking


here's some additional photos of the 'middle' gypsy dancer. bit of a painting collaboration between Stu and myself with these figures - he started them and I finished them off.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Rumbleslam Fantasy Wrestling - Halflings!

Rumbleslam Halfling wrestlers by TTCombat

Yes, I like wrestling. Yes, I know it isn't real before any asks. No, I don't think Colonel Bill's would pay me to go over to the USA to watch it live ... not that it would hurt to ask 😜
Two things I've learnt about myself. One: I find painting a chore. Two: It is easier for me to make up the uniform colours, than having to work to historic examples. Three (I'm feeling generous): I'm a glutton for punishment and keep painting miniatures with huge amounts of flesh showing, which take an age to paint all the layers on! Not particularly looking forward to painting the big Ogre.

Cheers for looking

Monday, 30 October 2017

New Belt Fed Girls Arriving Shortly!

Quoted from Col. Bill's Facebook:

""Let us introduce to you....Kiki Blinder, an Interwar Lewis Gunner. Kiki is one of the latest batch of Belt Fed girls that we hope to have in production at some stage in November""

And then back to me. 

Yesterday, at Fiasco show (apologies to those of you who suffered through my till operating incompetence - I'll work it out, one day!), I had the idea of a figure that I suggested to Stu ... Asking which range it could be made for - Belt Fed, or Depot Battalion. 

Now, this idea (at least in my head) saw the figure being made for the Depot Battalion as a 'serious figure' and useful for on-table dioramas of a shepherdess and her flock - although I did pitch the idea as "Little Bo-Peep."  
found on Google
found on Google
So, if Colonel Bills does one day produce a female shepherd figure, looking for her flock, then you know whose idea it was in the first place. Though if the miniature ends up with it's boobs out, then don't look at me!

For those of you still interested, the Belt Fed (female) Santa and Elves should be available shortly.
Cheers for looking

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Secret Santa 2017 - you should have received an email?

Just a quick post to state that I have emailed each participant of Secret Santa 2017 and given to them a name, address, and blog address for the person they are buying for.

If anyone has not received such an email, then please contact me asap and we'll get it sorted.

Hints / Suggestions / Wish Lists. Offering such on your blogs is allowed, and sometimes makes it easier for the buyer, but is not a definite requirement - So please don't think you have to make such an announcement on your blogs.

Marking on the parcel that it is a Secret Santa gift (SC for short will do) would help the receiver identify that the package isn't to be opened ahead of time.

Thank you to those who have offered their appreciation to me, for taking on the SC duty this year. You are welcome, and thank you in return for offering to take part.

Last of all. Have fun!


Tuesday, 17 October 2017

HMG Matt Varnish - now sold through Col. Bill's!

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"Very please to say that Colonel Bills is now stocking HMG Paints Spray Matt Varnish. We know that this product is very popular with wargamers due to its superior flat matt finish and protective properties. We are selling 400ml aerosols @ £10 each, however don't forget that you can pre-order them for collection at a show by emailing the colonels chaps on and you will then receive a 10% pre-order discount. Happy days!!!"

And don't forget that Colonel Bill's also stock the full range of Coat d'Arms paints, inks and washes. Have the 4Ground flocks and basing products in-stock too. Carry various tones of Super Shader paint effects. Paint brushes, modelling and sculpting tools are also stocked and sold at the shows too!

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