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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Col. Bill's - 28mm Wagon Crews [Victorian Funeral & WW2 Soviet]

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

Several new releases this week in the 28mm Depot Battalion range.

To complement the 4Ground horse-drawn hearse we have two funeral horses and an 'undertakers and mourners' crew. These are suitable for both the Victorian period and the Old West.

We also have a WW2 Soviet Russian wagon crew which we recommend using with our WW2 period wagon DBCW105

These are all available for Partizan this weekend - if you're quick, there's still time for a 10% off pre-order! [deadline will be Thursday, as the van needs loading Friday]

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Partizan Show - Oh great, another job for the gofer!

I'll be working on the Colonel Bill's stall with Stu and Scottie this Sunday, so if anyone wants to make contact (or know in advance which of the trio to avoid!) I'll be the ginger one.

I'm told I'll get to wear a shirt-top with the 'Colonel Bill's' logo on it. Though it'll be in XL size ... and I wear a Medium!

Oh, and I'm not too keen on the 04:30am journey start time 💤😴

For those interested, there's still chance to pre-order items for Partizan (last chance will be Wednesday night/early Thursday morning). Show pre-orders receive a 10% discount.

Steel Fist Miniatures: there's still the 20% SALE on the items still available. Details for this are to be found about three posts back (on the blog).


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

28mm East Asian PrePainted Plywood Buildings - Col. Bill's

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""We have taken delivery of Renaissance Miniatures 28mm Plywood buildings. These come as kits and are pre coloured - but cleverly they are designed to offer parts with a choice of colour so not all the buildings will look the same. The first range is quite an extensive East Asian range suitable for Samurai period Japan. Presently we have the first two buildings - A Peasants house and a Ronin house, and two absolutely stunning bridges, one arched, the other ornate. We have assembled some display models for use at shows and we found them to be easy to assemble, with the plywood being more 'forgiving' than mdf to the fumbling fingers of this old modeller!!!""

Ronin House

Peasant House

Ornate Bridge

Arched Bridge

Photos show examples of the completed models, and the component parts.


Monday, 7 August 2017

'ersatz M10' Panther tank for Late War Germans

At some point, but I've no idea when, I'll get around to my 10mm Blitzkrieg Commander 1944 Germans for Operation Greif. I envision it being more of a tagged-on force of disguised tanks, captured American vehicles and German military personnel masquerading in US Army uniforms, to a more traditional Late War German formation. 

Anyway, I wanted an 'ersatz M10' Panther (a Panzer V 'Panther' disguised to look, somewhat, like an American M10 tank destroyer) for the force, but Pendraken Miniatures don't produce such a model. So I had to learn how to make my own using green stuff modelling putty and plasti-card. 

I'm no sculptor, craftsmen, or modeller, and the finished miniature conversion isn't exactly accurate, to say the least, but it looks close enough to an 'ersatz M10' to suit my needs. So job done.  
Cheers for looking. I hope you all celebrated International Naval Wargaming Day, yesterday? No... Me neither. But I'm going to do something to rectify that, somewhat belatedly, in the future.

Oh, if anyone reading this was at Claymore show over the weekend and came across a misplaced bag of prepainted terrain items, I know of a chap looking for such and can put you in contact.

Monday, 31 July 2017

20% Off Sale - 28mm Steel Fist Samurai & Renaissance Knights - Col. Bill's

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:
(plus direct from Stu - as I've just come back from his office)

""Summer Sale -
We are having a 20% sale on ALL of our Steel Fist Miniatures items, including knights deals etc.

Many people have told us that they consider these C16th Knights and Samurai ranges to be amongst the very best sculpts they have seen. Well here is the chance to get them without breaking the bank!

This sale will take place throughout August using code 2017SFM and the good news is that it is available to our friends on Facebook NOW!!!!!""

- this sale is live, so you can use the code now. its also dependant on stock - once items sell out, then the new stock will revert back to the rrp. 

LINK to Steel Fist items at Col. Bill's webstore