Saturday, 3 December 2016

Club Night - Ancients TtS! & SAGA

The Old Guard Wargames Group's latest meet was last night. A smaller turn out than previously, mainly due to work parties for Christmas etc, but we got in two games at our Scruton Village Hall venue.
6mm (Ancients) To the Strongest! - Athenian Greeks versus Persians
Players: Stuart (who's fig's and terrain we were using) and James (Mad Tin Hatter! blog) as the Greeks, against myself as the Persians. It turned out to be a very good game, with victory within the grasp of both sides.

The Persians initially attempting a redeployment strategy in the face of the enemy (thwarted by a pair of Aces! - meaning the turn was over for me), with demonstrations on both wings and a refused flank. The Persians playing the long game, allowing the Greeks to commit themselves across the battlefield - which they did by moving forward across their whole front, "Attack being the best form of Defence" I was told, and moving to restrict the Persian's redeployment options.

The game focused mainly on the centre and the Persian's (attempted, but failed, refused flank). James' Hoplites in the centre, whom suffered from Persian cavalry charges, and Stuart's flank command seizing command of an entire wing of the battlefield and pinning my Left Command into its deployment area.

The game finished with the Greek's only left with x1 Victory Medal (meaning if they lost that medal they'd have lost the game) and the Persian's last x3 Victory Medals being taken by James' Hoplite charge into the Persian camp. Heck of a good game.

The Persian (that being me) Grand Plan:
Initial deployment saw the Persian army spread out to meet the Greek's whole front.
 Phase One: The Light Cavalry on both wings would move forward, in demonstration, while the Medium and Guard Cavalry would move obliquely in front of the right-flank units. The infantry on the left-flank occupying the ground just vacated by the central cavalry units - so, effectively, operating a refused flank strategy on the Persian left.
Phase Two: The left-hand Light Cavalry would retire, while the right-hand Light cavalry would move forward and continue to harass the Greek wing with missile fire. The scythed chariot, now being free to charge forward, the Medium and Guard Cavalry all charging into the Greek central units. 

What actually happened: Well, the Persian plan pretty much worked, and the units moved as planned. The Chariots were charged before they themselves were able to attack, however, and were lost. The redeploying infantry on the Persian left were thwarted by failed command tests and never managed to form a defensive line on the Camp. The Light Cavalry retiring in the face of the enemy; one was wiped out due to skirmish missile fire, and the other voluntarily left the field, and never managed to return. The Medium and Guard Cavalry units worked a treat and really gave it all they had against the Greek Hoplite units, destroying Greek units or severely disrupting them and causing the Greek command to have to divert Hoplites from their flank to strengthen their centre. The Persian refused left-flank was pinned back by the Greeks, though still in a strong condition, and the game was taken by a unit of Greek Hoplites charging into the undefended Persian Camp. 

A very good game!

Image courtesy of The Mad Tin Hatter
Image courtesy of The Mad Tin Hatter
Image courtesy of The Mad Tin Hatter
Image courtesy of The Mad Tin Hatter

The above image shows off 'The Plan' in action:-
Both Light Cavalry on the wings have moved forward. 
The central Guard & Medium Cavalry has moved obliquely to their right. (the Chariots are destroyed)
The Infantry on the left wing has turned facing and is about to march towards their camp... 
...Well, that was what was meant to happen!
The other game on the night saw John (Normans) playing against Pete (Anglo-Danish) in a game of SAGA. Which I'm afraid I didn't really get chance to see much of, nor take many photo's of. 
Another cracking good games night, all helping to motivate me to paint up my 28mm Ancient Germans and to dig out my own SAGA bits and bobs. 

Cheers for looking.

Friday, 2 December 2016

To the Strongest! at Battleground Show 2016 - The Old Guard Wargames Group

The Old Guard Wargames Group was invited to put on a game at the recent Battleground show, and, being only a small group, all we had to offer at the time was the 28mm Ancients of John and Pete - both of whom collect armies for the late Republican Roman period (can you tell I don't know what they collect?).

So, with a few weeks to the show, both John and Pete organised their collections into shape, writing out an scenario and lists for an 'official' Roman army to give battle to a 'rebellious' Hispanic Roman army - or something like that. I'm afraid I can't remember the details. 

Now my camera died before I could take any pictures, so I've had to 'borrow' images from various people / the Pendraken Miniatures forum - If you see an image belonging to yourself and you wish it removed, then please get in touch and I will happily do so. Thank you.

The rules used were Simon Miller's 'To the Strongest!' and they gave a very close-run game. Pete's Hispanic's took a very early lead in the victory stakes, only for John's 'official' Romans to peg them back after a series of brutal melee rounds. But in the end, when John could have just won it, Pete's Hispanic's delivered the killer blow and swept the 'official' Romans from the field. 
Me, the stripey topped ginger one, sitting next to the stood John. Pete being partly hidden by the sign
(I promise I haven't cropped their faces from the shot, so I can claim ownership of the game!)
Club night tonight and I'm playing Stuart in a game of To the Strongest!, using his 6mm Ancient Greeks and Persians. I'm not sure if its to be a one-on-one game, or a group affair, but I'll take my camera (as well as the required decks of playing cards) and will write up a blog post sometime over the weekend.


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Battleground Show 2016 (a, very brief, game aar)

First up, a re-posting of what I said last post - As I, in my infinite wisdom, buried the message at the bottom of a Colonel Bills catalogue post where most wouldn't read. 

After the 2nd of December (next gaming meet of the group I'm in) I'll probably not be seen much on the blogosphere till around the 20th January 2017 (coinciding with the first show advert of 2017 for Col. Bills).

Truthfully, I'm a bit of an Internet addict, once I get surfing it I end up on it for hours, so I'm trying to cut back and also get some projects finished. Mainly a couple of units of 28mm Ancient Germans for To the Strongest!, my IHMN Prussian Company, some more ACW naval, and my chariot racing game. 

I'll be checking my email periodically, in case PBB or contacts arrive in the in-box. 


Battleground Show, yesterday, at Stockton. 

My camera died at the very start. So no photos from me. 
(hopefully I don't need to buy a new camera)

I played two games - Exec-Wing (X-Wing variant) by Consett Gamers. Which was a quick and easy game; the club secretary running the game was a top bloke and helped out the newbie player (me) fly my Imperial starfighters. 

Second game was Matt Crump's (Wargames in the Dungeon) Lord of the Rings game.Which saw The Fellowship of the Ring fleeing the Uruks at Amon Hen.
I was watched on by Martin Cooke (who I 'borrowed' the photos from) and it sounds like my winning result was a better than average one; 3 Hobbits rescued and all Uruk-hai killed / routed. [Lurtz did survive, to be fair, after having shot Boromir full of arrows!] Only member of The Fellowship I did manage to lose was the most important one - Frodo Baggins, The Ring Bearer. 

It was a great little game, strategic but simple to play. 20-30 mins playing time. Definitely a game I'd recommend. The game looks gorgeous, too.
Matt points out that he's going to activate 'this' bunch of Uruks
(I managed to squeeze in a game right at the very end of the show - Hence why most others are packing up their tables in the background)
Aragorn to the rescue! 
I had the Dúnadan charge down the cliff edge, leaping from on-high into the midst of an Uruk band and quickly putting them to the sword.
Though I then went and lost Frodo Baggins (Hobbit nearest to picture, and this side of the head ruin). Whoops!

So it was another enjoyable addition of Battleground. A show which I've kept each year's entrance wristband - I've got all 3, so far! - in the hope that they might be worth something one day (doubtful). 


And that's about it. 


Thursday, 24 November 2016

Col. Bills - new '2nd Hand Stock' & Bristol, Reveille Show!

Colonel Bills News:

First up, an apology by me. To both Stu and the Reveille, Bristol show.

I hadn't spotted that the Colonel Bill's notice board had been updated to include this particular show - So I didn't make sure to feature it on a TMP post.


27th November -  Bristol - the Reveille show.

Colonel Bills is in attendance!


Next topic:

Quoted from Colonel Bills Facebook

"The relentless show schedule at this time of year has meant that we have not had much time to process new '2nd hand' stock. However we have managed to put some 28mm SYW items and a whole 1st Corps 25mm Sung Chinese army on the unpainted section of our shop, so please take time to check them out.  
With only two weekends - shows at Stockton, Bristol, Pudsey and Halesowen - left to do we hope to get caught up over the next month or so."
LINK to the unpainted, second hand section of the webstore


Lastly, forum and blog news:

Some readers may know that the Steve Dean Painted Miniatures Forum is now no more. There is a Facebook group, for those interested. I, previously, posted some Colonel Bills adverts on that forum, but obviously now can't, and the Facebook group is a closed group and not really the platform to promote the majority of adverts that I make for Colonel Bills.

I'm having a good think about my forum participation, in general. So, at present, my LAF and Pendraken Miniatures profiles are a touch sparse on the info they previously displayed.

This blog is, also, getting a bit of a tidying up. Some things have disappeared, may be to return. I'll be sorting the blog out a little better in the new year. Starting a little earlier, in December and away from the computer, I'll begin going through what I'm doing in the hobby and sorting out forgotten projects or stuff that needs selling off. Also what I'm going to have to focus on, game playing -wise, with the local clubs and groups that I've access to.

Which brings me to say that I'll be taking a back seat from blogging and the Internet scene from the 2nd of December (coinciding with the next game meet of my local group) and will probably not be seen much till around the 20th January 2017 (coinciding with the first show advert of 2017 for Col. Bills).

If there's anything to report through this blog, via Stu at Colonel Bills, that'll be posted. And I'll keep checking my email, periodically, to make sure there's nothing to catch up on.

I'm at the Stockton - Battleground - wargames show on Saturday, and probably will end up taking a number of photos.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Agema's Swashbuckler PBeM - Turn 7

Agema Play-By-eMail time. And if, like me, you're getting a bit fed up of my character being stuck in London waiting for the boat to sail, well, hopefully, things will be moving along soon. The game is meant to recreate the slower pace of life of the C18th, and to be fair I've not actually been ordering my character to be doing much adventuress fun - mainly to keep him from breaking the law, or a leg, and not rocking the boat before the ship sails. Also, the involvement of my rpg gaming is all part of a larger Diplomacy-type game, so the other players have to be allowed time to work into their plans my actions and to respond to me, should they wish ... As you will see, this turn!

For the previous turns, here's an index [LINK]
January 1707. London.
Current situation: 
In the shop you shout out in agitation, “I WON’T PAWN MY SWORD
Josiah Snead physically moves back as if you had struck him, and
waves both hands before him, “Well you’re free to leave, this is a
respectable establishment, we don’t need any trouble.” 
He then hesitates before calling out, presumably to some fellows in the
back, “Isaiah, Jeremiah, will you come in here please, could be trouble
You immediately feel embarrassed by your outburst, nod in a feeble
attempt at civility, and leave. 
Still annoyed from last month's failure to secure a loan, you attempt to
secure a job in a merchant's shop. You enter the premises of Mister
Harry Collins, a dealer in books. He looks over his round glasses and
with a flourish welcomes you to his humble store. His smile and
friendly manner changes somewhat on learning you are after a job, or
news of a merchant’s shop where work may abound. “Times are not
hard, but not good either, you could try Jones the fishmonger. He’s
always in need of helpers… mainly because he is so ill-tempered no one can stand working with him for long.” 
You take your leave to go to the shop of the said fishmonger, and find
him to be just as foul mouthed and unpleasant as Mister Harry had
warned. However, he offered you work for one guinea per four months,
paid in arrears. “If you don’t like the terms, clear off! I’m not a charity!”
he sneered. 
Retiring for the evening you were most pleased to find 75 guineas had
been forwarded to your person from the Duke of Halifax. It seems you
have your much needed patron after all! 
Josiah Muddley visited you come the morning. “Good news, sir, the
Duke of Halifax has graced us with no less than 500 guineas, the race
for Greenland is on!” He is effusive as he speaks of the wonders and
riches to come. He then got to the point of his visit. “I have heard the
gracious Duke has sent you a tidy sum as well. Would you care to
invest that as well into our venture? The more you invest, the more
handsome the share of the reward you shall receive when we succeed!
Come now, there is not a moment to lose, invest in the Royal Society’s
most wonderful adventure to Greenland!”
 Further to the, above, turn report
From the In-Game Newspaper: The London Gazette, January 1707 
First news item
"Having read of the possible expedition to Greenland, the Duke of Halifax has given a donation of 500 guineas to the Royal Society to help, and sent a further 75 guineas to Mister Yorke for his efforts." 
Last news item (the Reader's Letters): 
Danish-Norwegian Government Statement 
"Greenland is an integral part of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway and has been since its settlement by Norwegian settlers in the 10th century. The Danish Lutheran Church has also been active amongst the native population of the island. Any foreigners visiting Greenland without the express permission of the Danish government will be considered trespassers and dealt with accordingly.
So that's it. I ordered my character to lose his temper, again, for this turn - I have to use my Weakness once every six turns, or face the consequences - so I let my character loose, not that he did much, in hope that getting bloody-well-annoyed might just create a little excitement for him. Obviously the GM had other ideas, and wants me to suffer all my excitement at Greenland - or a Law Court in Copenhagen!
Royal Danish Embassy London (2008)
So this next turn I'll finally be able to buy in some merchant stock - my character is a Merchant, remember - to trade with at Greenland. Hopefully. To aid in said venture I'm going to visit a professional letter writer and courier, to dispatch a letter to the Danish-Norwegian embassy at London, asking the Government at Copenhagen to grant my character one-off trading rights to visit Greenland and trade there - whether as part of the Royal Society's expedition, or under my own sail.

I think I'm only allowed to write one letter a turn. So I'll pay the professional scribe (he has all the decent quality inks and headed notepaper) to pen a thank you note to Lord Halifax, then it can be sent onward next turn - And so thanking, who I suspect is the (real person) playing as Great Britain, him for helping to forward my own rpg adventure. Such links to both the players playing as Great Britain and Denmark-Norway might just help me in the future, allowing my character government contracts to trade. My main rpg aim is to get rich quick, after all.

I might, also, just have my character pop back to that (in-game) book shop and see if there's any books on Greenland! Or some other useful tome.

Cheers for taking the time to read this.