Friday, 17 March 2017

Painted For Sale At Col. Bills - Victorian Cab & ACW Ambulance

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"We are very happy to say that we have a couple of new collectors items amongst our painted 28mm stock. Both are from the highly talented Chris Campion. The first is a Victorian Hansom Cab. Chris believes this to be a Eureka Miniatures item. The second is a Perry Miniatures ACW ambulance complete with crew and wounded. We suspect that both of these items will end up in a display cabinet somewhere rather than on a wargames table."
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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Col. Bill's - 28mm Spanish Naps Now Stocked, & 'Best Seller' Pack Horses!

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"We are very pleased to announce that we are now able to sell Eagle Figures 28mm Spanish Napoleonic range through our online shop.

Eagle Figures has been in existence for around 25 years, but were bought by their current owner 3 years ago. The Spanish are the first range that have been produced in total since that time. They are sculpted by the ultra talented Ian Mountain and are very compatible in size with Perry Miniatures.

Although we will not be carrying these figures at wargames shows/events they will be available for pre-order at our normal 10% discount which is available via our checkout system."
Last blog post I showed off the latest Depot Battalion miniatures - two pack horses, with cargoes. Well they've gone on to become so popular as to become an instant best seller!

Released for pre-sale last Thursday. On sale to the public from last Saturday. 95% of stock sold out by yesterday!

But fear not, for NEW (re)STOCK has arrived from the casters and Col. Bill's now has plenty more of them to sell.
Some personal stuff, now. 

Saturday is the Hammerhead show, at Newark, and I'm going down to help Dave Docherty with his Sudan game. I'll be very much the chap who's chief responsibility will be to 'table-sit' while Dave goes off for his lunch, and the unfortunate fellow who's job it'll be to scramble around on the floor for any escaped dice. [Some readers who know me will be wondering if even those small tasks will be too much responsibility for me!]

Here's a link to Dave's blog post, should anyone want more info - LINK
As to my own wargaming stuff, I'm cracking on painting 10mm ACW - though this has seen a pause of late, but I'm now at it full-steam.
The smaller infantry unit (below) is now fully painted up to 5 bases strength, and awaiting the completion of an artillery battery/limber set before it gets fully based. I'm also planning on increasing the two base cavalry unit to three bases, and giving them a separate horse holder base to sit behind the dismounted troopers.
All good stuff and I'm enjoying working with the Pendraken Miniatures ACW (new) Range toys.

If anyone's at Hammerhead and would like to know who I am - Look for a tall, ginger-haired chap at the Sudan game near to the toilets in the big hall. Don't worry if I look confused, that's my normal expression, so don't be alarmed 😂

Cheers for looking 


Saturday, 25 February 2017

New Item At Colonel Bill's!

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

New 28mm Depot Battalion items: DBG012 is a set of 2 x Pack Horses. Suitable for many periods from Medieval through to the 20th Century. The pack retails at £6.00
Buy them here! [LINK]


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Colonel Bills - For Sale: Painted Polish Vistula Uhlans [Naps]

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook: (16/02/2017)

We've been a bit slow getting these onto the eshop. Never mind, put it down to pressure of work!! Here are 12 x 28mm Front Rank Miniatures metal Polish Vistula Uhlans. beautifully painted and's just so tempting to keep them for ourselves....
LINK to the 2nd hand painted Napoleonics on the webstore


Monday, 13 February 2017

The Old Guard Club Gaming Session - Dave Doc's Sudan

There was another all-day meet, yesterday, and we were all involved in a game of Black Powder using Dave Docherty's Sudan toys. I only played a very small part, and to save from repeating what other players / umpire have written, I'll simply direct readers over to those player's blogs who were present. 

I am listed as being British C-in-C. But, to be honest, I mainly played a backseat part, allowing the three brigade commanders near-enough free control of their forces. 

It was great fun being involved in the game. I actually turned up expecting to be a Sudanese player, so had sorted a battleplan, pre-game, to maximise the scenario rules to that side's advantage. I can always use it next time!

What I think the Sudanese really need is some 'secret' French help. Disguised funding. Military observers, with a sideline in advising. A refurbished mitrailleuse with French-trained crew. A 'Volunteers' Regiment of adventuring gentlemen (and not so gentlemanly types pressed into duty); French-trained, French-armed, French funded. After all, the entente cordial wasn't signed until 8th April 1904, and until then France and GB were still disputing colonialism in North Africa. But that is just my imagination running away with me, and hijacking Dave's 'historical' Sudan collection into a 'what-if' scenario ... In other words; I'd best not rock the boat, lest the Royal Navy do prove to rule the waves! 

Here are the links:

Once again (I've previously thanked him on FB), a big thank you to Dave for putting on the game.