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January 2018 - Due to Stu having undergone surgery, dispatch of mail orders may be slower than usual. Also, answering telephone calls and replying to emails may prove difficult. We can only apologies in advance, should service be affected.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Col. Bills: Stu is recovering from surgery. [Read On...]

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""Recklessly leading his troops into action at Wargames events throughout the country has finally taken its toll on the Colonel. He has been wounded in action and has had to undergo surgery. This surgery was entirely successful but will mean that the hours that the Depot will be manned will need to be reduced whilst recovery takes place. We will still be accepting orders as normal but we may be slower in processing them. We therefore ask that you chaps and ladies out there show us a little patience until we get back to normal.""

Monday, 8 January 2018

Albatros D.Va Repaint for Wings of Glory WW1

Again, this is a post that has already featured on one of the Analogue Hobbies blogs, so if you've read it over there then there is no real need to view it here.

LINK to the original post on the Analogue Hobbies blog

For the Bonus Theme 'Flight', I've repainted a Wings of Glory WW1 1/144th scale Albatros D.Va of the Deutsche Luftstreitkräfte.
The colour scheme is based on an actual WW1 German pattern, but since my aeroplanes are to belong to a fictitious unit I've altered the colours slightly - mainly by painting the full length of the underside of the fuselage a yellow.
The plan was originally to build a three plane flight, and supplement them with two two-seater planes (one from Armeekorps and the other a ground attack aircraft from an unnamed Schlasta). But, as is the norm in these situations, such plans don't last long when they meet the wargame group, so I'm coming back to this project after a 12 months hiatus.
Anyway, I enjoy painting aircraft (and sea vessels) so it was no real difficulty to repaint this Ares Games prepainted miniature. No decals were used. Just careful repainting of the original national markings.
Below can be seen the extent of Jasta 89, my fictitious unit for mid-1917. It comprises one Albatros D.II and one Albatross D.Va (if we're talking points cost for Wings of Glory, those will get you a basic 160 points before upgrades or disadvantages).

[the D.II was painted prior to the Painting Challenge, and is included only for show]
Cheers for looking.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Painted Figures For The Col. Bill's Display Stand

For those of you who don't look at the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge blog, here's my first post from off it - reproduced in all its glory (so if you've read it once there's no real need to read it again).

[edit: There are some historical EMP Games miniatures being painted up for the display stand, but those are being done by another individual whom I don't know if they have a blog, or not?]

LINK to the original article on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge blog

My first offering to the Challenge takes the form of six 28mm miniatures from EMP Games, though painted up for the Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot trade stand (apologies, for the shameless plug!)

First off we have three 28mm Jungle Goblins
Apologies for the "Roy@Col.Bills", its there to help should my photos be published on another forum and the person doing the redistributing fails to credit me ownership.
I never got around to painting any of Games Workshop's Forest Goblins, so I quite enjoyed painting these 'Green-skinned' miniatures. Plenty of character to the sculpts, which made them a pleasure to paint.
Next up are three 28mm Toadstool men.
I did go to the lengths of researching actual toadstools for the colours, but I've since gone and deleted the files with my research so I can't label the correct identities of each painted miniature - Doh!
To be honest, I wished I'd painted the markings on the 'red cap' as stylised white circles as I'm not keen on how the paint job has turned out. But you live and learn, as they say.

The finished six miniatures, all shown together.
And a bonus photo showing two, additional, EMP Games miniatures that I painted before the Challenge commenced.
Next up for me will be my contribution to the 'Flight' bonus round, then some more EMP Games miniatures - four 28mm Pineapple Tribes miniatures.


Saturday, 30 December 2017


I've just received some information from Stu regarding the immediate future and, although I can't go into details, it does have an immediate effect on the day to day running of Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot in the upcoming weeks.

Here is the official announcement that I've been asked to publish:

""Due to circumstances beyond our control, we may be unable to dispatch orders during the period 02.01.2018 - 10.01.2018. 

We may also struggle to answer emails, telephone calls, etc. 

We can certainly accept your orders as normal through our online shop, but please be patient with us with regards to dispatch. We will resume normal service as soon as possible.""

That is all the information I can give out at this time. If anyone does encounter any issue with an order or enquiry at Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot, then I can be contacted through this Blog or on the Forums and will work at trying to help out as best as I can.

Updated information will be published as and when any is available.


Thursday, 28 December 2017

Santa Clause Blogger Event 2017

I took part in the "Santa Clause" 2017 Blogger event, this year, and received this painted miniature as my gift.

Now I've no idea what it is, nor the manufacturer ... But it is blooming well cool!

Thank you very much, to the person who gifted me this brilliant little figure and paint job. Nice one!
For those wondering why I've not, also, mentioned what I received from the Secret Santa Blogger event, that I ran while the regular owners took time off, the honest answer is that I didn't take part.

There was an equal number of participants, eventually, so I simply removed my name from the hat to allow things to run smoothly. As far as I am aware the Secret Santa that I ran did so without issue or error, but if I am in the wrong then please contact me asap so we can try to sort out the issue.

Cheers ,