This Blog displays messages that Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot posts upon it's Facebook Page, and will sometimes feature other snippets of information as and when received.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

SALE on 4Ground MDF: 15% off at Col. Bills

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""Another winter sale announced on our online shop. This time its 4Ground MDF products. Again 15% off online sales by using coupon code Winter4G17/18 This sale will last until midnight on sunday 21st January. In addition all our remaining stock in the 28mm Jessari Sci Fi and the Twin Peaks Homeland Apocolypse ranges have been permanently reduced until we run out of current stock.""


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Steel Fist Miniatures at a 15% discount - Col. Bills

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

""We are offering our remaining stock of Steel Fist Miniatures at a 15% discount throughout December and January. Please use coupon code WinterSFM17/18 during checkout to access the discount.""



Sunday, 3 December 2017

New Display Stand Paint Jobs @ Col. Bill's

Newly painted miniatures for the Colonel Bill's display cabinet. Painted by myself. Wonky photos an added bonus! 

EMP Games - 28mm Monstrous Floating Heads
 28mm Perry Miniatures Historical used to illustrate sizes
The unpainted EMP Games Monstrous Floating Heads are available to buy  at Colonel Bill's, HERE [LINK]

These painted examples will be available to view on the Colonel Bill's trade stand as of Cardiff show - 27th January 2018


Saturday, 2 December 2017

Blog Information Update - I Am Now A Staff Member At Colonel Bill's

This post is just to say that, as of 1st December 2017, I (the person writing this blog - aka Roy Williamson) am on the Colonel Bill's staff payroll. Working as part of the Show Team and as the Blog & Forum Guy.

Whereas in the past I was only helping Stu out, updating information on the Internet and/or reposting Colonel Bill's adverts that had already been made over on Facebook. I received no benefit for doing any of that work. Any time, in the past, that I contacted friends or fellow bloggers concerning an item that was for sale at Colonel Bill's (normally at a good price, or not yet advertised) I only did so as an act of trying to help fellow gamers.

Obviously, now, things have changed. In that I have a vested interest in Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot to do well, as I take a wage from the company when I work at the shows or should I receive monies when painting miniatures for the display stand. So, in the future, this blog will feature more painted work by me, done for Colonel Bill's, and 'armies' for games that I paint up for myself using as many items as I can that Colonel Bill's sell.

If I ever post an advertisement, or contact friends or fellow bloggers, on behalf of Colonel Bill's, I just want to make sure that people know that I will receive a knock-on benefit for any sales I help make - not a commission fee - but in the form of paid employment at the shows working the trade stall, while Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot continues to enjoy a healthy business return.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Tuesday, 28 November 2017

More Stuff To Paint For The Col. Bill's Display Shelves

The latest items to paint for the Col. Bill's display shelves have landed on my paint desk. They are:

28mm Floating monster heads - EMP Games

28mm Fantasy Jungle Goblins - EMP Games
28mm Fantasy Pygmies - EMP Games
28mm Fantasy Toadstools - EMP Games

So I'll be slowly working my way through these before the next show - Cardiff, 27th January 2018 - so they can be shown on the display shelves of the trade stall. 

Another chap is painting a number of the Historical miniatures, if anyone was wondering.