Thursday, 16 February 2017

Colonel Bills - For Sale: Painted Polish Vistula Uhlans [Naps]

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook: (16/02/2017)

We've been a bit slow getting these onto the eshop. Never mind, put it down to pressure of work!! Here are 12 x 28mm Front Rank Miniatures metal Polish Vistula Uhlans. beautifully painted and's just so tempting to keep them for ourselves....
LINK to the 2nd hand painted Napoleonics on the webstore


Monday, 13 February 2017

The Old Guard Club Gaming Session - Dave Doc's Sudan

There was another all-day meet, yesterday, and we were all involved in a game of Black Powder using Dave Docherty's Sudan toys. I only played a very small part, and to save from repeating what other players / umpire have written, I'll simply direct readers over to those player's blogs who were present. 

I am listed as being British C-in-C. But, to be honest, I mainly played a backseat part, allowing the three brigade commanders near-enough free control of their forces. 

It was great fun being involved in the game. I actually turned up expecting to be a Sudanese player, so had sorted a battleplan, pre-game, to maximise the scenario rules to that side's advantage. I can always use it next time!

What I think the Sudanese really need is some 'secret' French help. Disguised funding. Military observers, with a sideline in advising. A refurbished mitrailleuse with French-trained crew. A 'Volunteers' Regiment of adventuring gentlemen (and not so gentlemanly types pressed into duty); French-trained, French-armed, French funded. After all, the entente cordial wasn't signed until 8th April 1904, and until then France and GB were still disputing colonialism in North Africa. But that is just my imagination running away with me, and hijacking Dave's 'historical' Sudan collection into a 'what-if' scenario ... In other words; I'd best not rock the boat, lest the Royal Navy do prove to rule the waves! 

Here are the links:

Once again (I've previously thanked him on FB), a big thank you to Dave for putting on the game.


Thursday, 2 February 2017

28mm Napoleonic Austrian & Prussians - For Sale at Col. Bills

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook:

"Anyone who fancies a 28mm Napoleonic Austrian or Prussian army, but thinks they can't afford it, is in luck. We have taken in almost complete, unpainted Wargames Foundry armies and there is more Prussians to come in the next couple of months!!! We recommend that you get in quick as, at the prices we sell them at, they won't hang around for long!!!"

Photos of a few of the 'items' available

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

New Belt Fed Girls Available Now

The latest Belt Fed Miniatures are now available to buy from Colonel Bill's Wargames Depot.

The photos can be enlarged by clicking on them, and the LINKS beneath each figure's details will take you to the relevant page on the Web-store where the item can be bought. 
These are also available at the shows Colonel Bills attend, via telephone or orders made through email/ordinary mail.

- I didn't paint the miniatures, in case anyone wishes to offer me praise. It would be unfair of me to accept any feedback since I was not the artist. 
Rambo Lynne - Vietnam Vet
Product no.: BFG28
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Gwendoline - Dark Age Welsh Princess
Product no.: BFG29
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Holly Roger - Spanish Main Buccaneer
Product no.: BFG30
Buy the unpainted model HERE
 Morag, Una & Fiona - Three Gaelic Witches
Product no.: BFG31
Buy the unpainted models HERE
 Anais - Hussard de la Mort
Product no.: BFG32
Buy the unpainted model HERE

Cheers for looking.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Colonel Bills are now stocking Steel Fist Miniatures

Quoted from Colonel Bill's Facebook Page:

"Very pleased to announce that Colonel Bills are now stocking Steel Fist Miniatures. These top quality, elite 28mm products currently consists of a large Samurai range, an Italian Wars range and a small WOTR range. The figures mix well with Perrys. We will be carrying the Italian wars to Crusade at Penarth on saturday plus three samples of the Samurai. It is hoped that we will have the whole range available both at shows and online very soon"

If anyone needs any further information, or wants to make a sales enquiry, best things would be to email Stuart at: